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12 BEST Plant Propagation Products

The 12 BEST Plant Propagation Products

Alex Grady

Ready to propagate? Start off strong – pick the right products. Here are the 12 best products for propagation.

1.    SHOGUN Katana Roots

  • Rooting booster

Katana Roots is a top rooting booster. It speeds up root initiation and root elongation. In a trial, we got roots in just 5 days using SHOGUN Katana Roots

  • Speeds up root initiation
  • Speeds up root elongation
  • Roots in 5 days

In propagation: pre-soak media (5ml/L) & foliar spray (5ml/L)

Growing organically?

If you're growing organically, we highly recommend using Biobiozz Root Juice.

  • Increases root development
  • Prevents root diseases, root burning & overfeeding
  • Keeps roots healthy organically

Suitable for pre-soaking media (4ml/L)

2.    SHOGUN Start

  • Early stage nutrient

SHOGUN Start is an early stage nutrient. When used during propagation, it increases your cutting survival rate. Roots also strike sooner. For best results, use it alongside SHOGUN Katana Roots.

  • Reduces root sprouting time
  • Increases clone survival rate
  • Relieves stress of being cut

In propagation: pre-soak media (4ml/L) & foliar spray

3.    Ecothrive Biosys

  • Beneficial

Ecothrive Biosys is a great all-rounder. It’s packed with beneficial microbes that promote plant growth and health. In propagation, it encourages early root development, and helps prevent root diseases. When pre-soaking media, mix some Biosys in your solution, along with SHOGUN Start & Katana Roots.

  • Wards of pathogens (contains Trichoderma)
  • Enhances stress recovery
  • Encourages early root development and plant health

In propagation: pre-soak media (10g per 10L)

4.    Clonex Rooting Gel

  • Plant hormone

When taking cuttings, Clonex Rooting Gel is a must.

It’s a thick gel that seals plant cuts instantly, so cuttings don’t dry out (no oxidation).

On top of this, it’s packed with rooting hormones, vitamins, nutrients & anti-fungal agents.

All of this speeds up rooting, prevents stem rot and generally increases your cutting survival rate

Simply dip cuttings in Clonex – it seals the cut and sticks to the stem throughout rooting.

  • Seals cuts – cuttings don’t dry out
  • Increases cutting survival rate
  • Prevents stem rot

In propagation: Dip the end of cuttings in Clonex Gel before placing in cubes / blocks

5. Clonex Mist

  • Plant hormone

Clonex Mist is a plant hormone that increases your rooting and cutting success rate.

It’s a mix of minerals, amino acids and additives.

Spray you mother to pre-treat before you even cut. You can then use it as a foliar spray throughout propagation.

  • Ideal for pre-treating mother plants
  • Increases root mass
  • Reduces rooting times

In propagation: Pre-treat mother 2 – 3 times in the fortnight before taking cuttings. Spray cuttings every 2 – 3 days

6. RO Filters

To enhance growth, you need to remove water impurities. Doing this gives you more control over what you feed plants.

The most important impurity to remove is chlorine – it’s harmful to the microbial life found in beneficials – like Ecothrive Biosys.

By far the best way to remove water impurities is with an RO water filter.

It takes out 95% of salts and heavy metals along with 95% of chlorine.

  • Removes 95% of salts and heavy metals
  • Eliminates up to 95% of chlorine
  • Stabilises pH
Not quite ready to invest in an RO Filter?

If you’re not using an RO filter, remove chlorine instantly with Ecothrive Neutralise.

It contains vitamin C, which oxidises chlorine and chloramine compounds. Chlorine compounds are instantly reduced to chloride, which is harmless to microbes and plants.

  • Removes chlorine and chloramine
  • Active ingredient is just vitamin C
  • Protects microorganisms (e.g. bacteria, enzymes, proteins)

In propagation: 1 drop per Litre, 1m per 20L tank

7. Biobizz Leaf-Coat

Make sure you protect your delicate cuttings and seedling. Biobizz Leaf Coat is a 100% organic foliar spray that coats leaves in natural latex, bio-degradable layer.

It prevents water loss, so your plants will cope better with temperature fluctuations and periods of low humidity

  • Latex layer acts as a barrier to pests and protects against leaf fungi
  • Cuttings root faster
  • Can be reapplied every 3-4 days

8. Spider Mite Predator Sachets

Cuttings and seedlings are delicate! They may never recover from a bad spider mite infestation. To prevent an outbreak, use Spider Mite Predator Sachets.

Spider mite predators are slowly released over 2 weeks. If any spider mites sneak into your grow room, these predators eliminate them.

Don’t forget though, these sachets are preventative only. If you already have a bad infestation, you need Spider Mite Predator Bottles – they contain a more aggressive species of spider mite predators

  • Prevent spider mite infestations
  • Low cost
  • Harmless to plants

In propagation: 1 – 2 sachets in a propagator, every 2 weeks

9. Silver Bullet Mist

  • Grow room steriliser

Silver Bullet Mist kills 99.99% of bacteria, botrytis, powdery mildew, Pythium or fusarium. During propagation you need to use it on propagators, scalpels and all other tools.

  • Kills 99.99% bacteria, botrytis, powdery mildew, Pythium & fusarium
  • Harmless to plants
  • Great for sterilising grow room equipment

In propagation: No dilution – ready to use

10. BAY6 Propagator Tent

  • Grow room tent

Don’t section off an area of your tent – give cuttings and seedlings a room of their own with a BAY6 Propagation Tent. You get to create a small, compact space where it’s easy to control your climate. In such a small space, you really maximise any propagation lights you use.

Kits are also available.

If you’ve got a mother plant, you can try a multi-chamber tent. You get 3 x growing areas in 1 tent, with space for a mother, propagators and vegging plants.

  • Small compact, controllable area
  • Maximise grow lights
  • Kits available

11. BrightWing Mother / Clone Light

  • Propagation light

This is a great propagation light because it’s so versatile! It doesn’t just root cuttings - you can use it for propagation, mother plants & early veg.

 It’s powerful enough for plants up to 60cm high! So you can root and veg under a BrightWing, then move plants straight to a flowering room.  

To begin with, keep it at least 2ft higher than your propagator. As roots develop and plants grow, you can lower your light.

  • Versatile – for clones, mother & early veg
  • Powerful: 110W (2-Tube), 220W (4-Tube)
  • Coverage: 100cm x 100cm (2-Tube), 120cm x 120cm (4-Tube)

12. Aeroponic Propagators

Get stronger roots much sooner in an Aeroponic Propagator. There’s no propagation media – roots are completely exposed. This means plants absorb more nutrients and get a constant supply of oxygen.

Once cuttings are ready, you can transplant straight into media or a hydro system.

  • Get stronger roots sooner
  • Increases cutting success rate
  • Readies plants for media & hydro

So that’s our top 12 picks for propagation. We’ve tried and tested all recommended products ourselves and have always had excellent results. Give them a try!

Next up, learn how to take the perfect cuttings

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