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Using soil remains a really easy way to raise plants - after all - most of us have at some point got our hands dirty and grown in pots! The underlying reasons many growers seek out soil for producing their own fruit, vegetables and consumable crops is down to the outstanding levels of quality that can be achieved and the ability to avoid adding any chemicals. Our range of excellent organic and non-organic soil mediums - which includes products with and without nutrient content (depending on the level of control you want) - all work very effectively to deliver premier standard plants. 

The latest developments in soil growing are around "living soils" - mixes where the media has been designed to need no added fertilisation once the biological activity in the growing media gets up to speed. Ecothrive Eco-life and Sohum are our best sellers of this type, and whilst the initial media cost is quite high, when you factor in not having to add anything else as your grow goes on, they are an exceptional way of growing with less work and less overall cost.

For further advice on soil, visit one of our stores or call 0333 003 22 96 and speak to an expert advisor at GroWell.