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Rooting Media

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Rooting Media

The first big challenge of every new crop is to effectively root cuttings and seedlings. This is all about getting as many successful "rootings" as possible from your cuttings or seeds. You want effective germination, rapid root development and good root structure. Getting these things right at the start will make a huge difference to how your plants develop.

One of the most important choices you will make will be your choice of rooting media. How you plan on growing has a big impact on your choices here as you want to plan to use a rooting media that will transplant well into your final growing media and will work with the growing method you choose. There's very little point in rooting your cuttings in soil if you are going to end up with your plants growing in an active hydro system. Sure, you can make it work, but its a lot easier if you plan ahead!

If you are using active hydroponics, then rockwool is the choice for you! Cultiwool Cuttings Seeds Cubes continue to be the most popular selection and perfectly suit hydroponic set ups, combining great value and convenience. They come supplied in a handy tray and are designed for use with Cultiwool Transplanting Cubes when your plants develop.

If you want to grow plants naturally, look no further than Jiffy Plugs and Root Riot Cubes. Jiffy Plugs are low priced pellets of compressed peat that expand to accommodate your cuttings/seedlings by just adding water. We sell these by the thousands and they are a proven performer.

Root Riot Cubes and Eazy Plug Organic Propagation Cubeswill delight more serious growers with the fastest rooting times around! They are a type of polymerised Coco fibre that provide the perfect rooting environment whilst still retaining shape and drainage. For further advice on rooting media, visit one of our stores or call 0333 003 22 96 and speak to an expert advisor at GroWell.