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Eazy Pyramids

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Eazy Pyramids

Instead of moving plants into final pots, move them on to pyramids! The organic and fully sustainable Eazy Plug product range gives you a simple, start-to-finish growing method – which turns out to be incredibly effective at generating massive yields largely thanks to this odd-shaped innovation!

  • Air pruning alternative to final pots for the main stages of growth
  • Large root surface area increases nutrient uptake speed and capacity
  • Accelerates and multiplies the development of healthy roots
  • Strong bonding of elements maintain the pyramid shape during use
  • Suitable for different growing systems – e.g. flood & drain or drippers
  • Easy to work with and proven to deliver amazing results
  • Stay hydrated long after water has been drained away
  • Predetermined and buffered pH and EC values
  • Consist of mostly organic materials that are 100% compostable
  • Supplied in a dry form for clean and lightweight transport and storage

Air Pruning Pyramids

Once there are roots just about poking through your Eazy Blocks (as far as they’ll go due to air pruning), you can avoid causing transplanting shock by putting the cubes straight on top of Eazy Pyramids, allowing further significant root development to continue inside the media. Over time, the tips of the roots will again try and push out beyond the pyramids (the presence of no plastic sleeve or container makes this possible), only for the exposure to relatively dry air to then dehydrate them and consequently stimulate lots of secondary roots. The process repeats itself and soon enough plants have created a dense, extensive root system spread evenly across the inner space of the Eazy Pyramids!

Strong, Stable And Able To Absorb

The strong bonding and stabilisation of elements within each Eazy Pyramid enables them to maintain their distinctive shape during use and properly support your crops. This is all-the-more impressive when you realise just how much water and nutrition can be absorbed by the media, giving plants and those finely tuned air pruned roots access to what they need long after feeds take place. Uptake capacity therefore goes through the roof, leading to the provision of more energy for growth and key functions! Fortunately though, Eazy Pyramids do actually self-regulate and as long as they’re able to drain, will never hold too much water.

Suitable For Different Systems

Eazy Plug Flood And Drain Systems have been specifically designed around the properties of the Eazy Pyramid and come highly recommended! You can also get really great results with a drip-feeding setup and even hand-watering will work well if required!

Clean, Sustainable Growing With Organic Materials

Eazy Pyramids, Eazy Block Transplanting Cubes and Eazy Plug Propagation Cubes contain perlite, a mixture of peat, coco fibre, fertiliser and a few other components – an almost entirely organic arrangement that’s 100% compostable! They’re supplied with optimal buffered pH and EC values, and in a completely dry condition for clean and lightweight transport and storage, as well as reduced risk of moulds.

Eazy Plug Full Cycle

Step 1 - Eazy Plug Organic Propagation Cubes

Step 2 - Eazy Block Organic Transplanting Cubes

Step 3 - Eazy Pyramid / Eazy Plug Flood and Drain System

How To Use

The Tech

Eazy Pyramid
Eazy Plug Cycle Step 3
Model pyramid
Air-to-water ratio 20-80
Size moist 25cm x 25cm x 15cm
EC 1.0 *
pH 5.8 *
Volume 4.5L
Weight dried 0.5kg
Weight moist 3.6kg

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