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Plant Health

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Plant Health

Healthy plants grow better. It's that simple.

You can add every potion under the sun to your nutrient regime, but if your plants are stressed or under disease pressure, it will all be for nothing. They need to be at their peak performance to intake all of the nutrients and additives you are using.

Plant health covers quite a wide range of products, from pest and disease control and resistance, right through to enzyme and vitamin based boosters. There's no right recipe either. growers up and down the country will swear by different plant health products so we recommend you experiment to find out what really makes your plants tick.

Our top recommendations in this category, would be Silver Bullet Roots as a cheap insurance against root problems, and a silicon like SHOGUN Silicon or Mills Vitalize to strengthen your plants' cell wall against pests and diseases. If you don't want to go down the sterile route, Ecothrive Biosys is a fantastic beneficial tea that will enhance plant function and defend against root problems, whilst the ubiquitous Superthrive has been a staple of grow rooms since the dawn of time.