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SHOGUN Fertilisers are at the pinnacle of nutrient, additive and stimulant development. Designed by a UK based team with a wealth of industry knowledge and based on on PhD research, every product in The SHOGUN range has been specifically designed and formulated to provide real grower benefits and true plant performance.

It's no surprise that SHOGUN is our best selling brand here at GroWell - every day we hear success stories from growers raving about how effective the range is and what it has meant for their crops.

In addition to being some of the most advanced formulations available, SHOGUN also represents exceptional value to the end user. They are fair, they are ethical, and they haven't loaded the prices like some brands and as such represent sensational value for money. In many cases, the SHOGUN equivalent product costs up to half as much as the nearest competitor product, and the dilution rates are more favourable also.

SHOGUN prides itself of having built unique formulation advances into their products. From the innovative SmartZen ingredient in all base nutrients that enhances nutrient uptake by up to 8%, to the gamechanging AquaZen ingredient in their Coco base feeds that enhances lateral water movement and ensures even saturation. These guys are next level, and if you ask in any GroWell shop which nutrient range is the best, there's only one answer - it's always SHOGUN.