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Base Nutrients

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Plant base nutrients are the bare essentials you'll need to grow healthy happy crops.

Combine base plant nutrient feeds with additives, including root boosters, flowering boosters and enzymes and you'll see an incredible difference in the final size of your crop. 

No plant is going to grow without a food source, and in a high intensity growing environment, this invariably means you need to use fertilisers to enable your plants to keep up with the prolific growth rates. When growing in hydroponics or in any coco coir based method, you will need to provide for all of the plants nutritional needs. Some soils do have good fertiliser levels, but even then you will need to add more as the growth cycle progresses.

Taking control of your feeding regime gives a lot of benefits. You can use your fertilisers to steer growth for desirable traits and support specific plant functions as the crop mature. Getting the right ratios of macro and micro nutrients to support your plants makes an enormous difference to plant performance, crop yields and crop qualities.

There are many fantastic Nutrient manufacturers with a wide variety of products available. We recommend choosing a nutrient brand and product that matches how you want to grow - our best sellers are SHOGUN Fertilisers, although we have a great organic following for Plagron and BioBizz.