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Vegetative Boosters

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Vegetative Boosters

Vegetative growth starts at the instant your plants start to develop roots and continues right up until early flower formation. During this stage of growth you should be trying to "fine-tune the engine" of each individual plant so that it can cope with a highly demanding final few weeks of explosive growth. Your first focus in the vegetative stage is to rapidly establish some roots to provide the foundations for future plant development.

Vegetative boosters come in many different forms and we carry an amazing array of products that encourage your plants to perform very specific and incredibly useful functions - whether it be breaking down old and damaged root mass, building a protective barrier against disease or promoting efficient nutrient transportation!

When roots are firmly established your attention should turn to strengthening stems and leaves, increasing plant material and achieving vigorous growth by all means possible. Again you will find an ever-expanding list of excellent products in this area, from the industry's very biggest names - including SHOGUN, BioBizz and Plagron. Carefully tailoring your mix of additives during the vegetative stage will have a direct impact on final yields, and we just can't stress enough how important it is to see your plants enter flowering in the best condition possible. For further advice on vegetative boosters, visit one of our stores or call 0333 003 22 96 and speak to an expert advisor at GroWell.