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Canna Cannazym

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Cannazym — Breaks Down Organic Matter, Improving the Root Zone

Packed full of twelve different types of enzyme, Cannazym is a clever natural product which breaks down old roots, turning them into readily available fertiliser, and making way for new, healthier replacement roots.

Cannazym is also loaded with vitamins and plant additives that are extracted from hardy, desert plants. These powerful ingredients increase nutrient uptake and toughen up plants' natural defense systems. As a result of this process, plants experience accelerated growth rates.

By clearing out organic matter, Cannazym helps to keep root diseases like pythium at bay, which can be a real life saver, especially in the hotter months when reservoir temperatures are harder to control.

  • Breaks down dead, organic matter
  • Reduces pathogenic bacteria and fungi in the root zone
  • Reduces the likelihood of experiencing root diseases, like Pythium
  • Provides supplemental nutrition, bolstering plant health
  • Can help to get plants through hotter periods without incident
  • Highly effective in all types of growing media — soil, coco and hydro

Use Cannazym by simply adding it to your nutrient tank.

The manufacturer's recommended dilution rates are as follows (per litre of water):

Cutting/Seedling: 2.5ml
Vegetative Stage: 2.5ml
Flowering Stage: 2.5ml

Canna Cannazym delivers great results in soil, coco and hydroponics. It's highly effective in all types of grow system, where it can help to reduce the likelihood of blockages.

Enzyme products like Cannazym are essential for growers who re-use media, as they break down leftover dead roots, priming the substrate for re-use.

For a more comprehensive guide to the advised application rates of this product, view the feed charts in the 'Downloads' tab or give us a call on 0333 003 22 96.

NPK ratio: 0 : 2 : 1

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Questions & Answers

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  • can cannazym be used in conjunction with your normal bloom nutrient AND pk13/14??

    You can use Cannazym alongside your standard bloom nutrient & PK 13/14.

  • Can cannazym be used in soil?

    You could use Cannazym in soil, but it is not a certified organic product. If you wish to use a similar product that is organically certified, I would recommend Hygrozyme.

  • Could you tell me please if you can use H2O2 with Cannazym . I know you can use Hygrozyme with H2O2 but not sure about Cannazym.

    We would not recommend using Oxy Plus with Cannazym, as the Oxy Plus will kill all the beneficials in the Cannazym. Hygrozyme is the only enzyme product that is safe to use with Oxy Plus.

  • can you use cannazym from week 3 until end of flowering??

    We would recommend using Cannazym from the third week of veg until week six of flowering.

  • Do you use Cannazym week 3 of grow if so can this only be used in a tank or can it be added to a 10 or 20litre mix of water(+grow food as normal)

    You would use Cannazym from week 3, until week 6 of flower at 2.5ml per litre. You can use it in all growing media.

  • when do i start to use cannazym week 1, 2, 3....

    You would start to use Cannazym from the 3rd week, at 2.5ml per litre.