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LED Grow Lights

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The Best LED Grow Lights in the UK

We stock the best LED grow lights in the UK. These grow lights are the go-to choices for serious indoor growers, for a number of important reasons. 

They're highly efficient, emitting very little heat relative to the intense levels of plant-usable light they generate. Our LED grow lights provide greater PAR levels than HPS grow lights while consuming much less power.

LED technology is now the only sensible choice for the summer months, massively reducing heat problems and saving a LOT of headaches. These grow lights also reduce extraction costs, as your fans won't have to work as hard to maintain the same set temperatures.

LED lighting fixtures also last for a LONG time. Decent LED grow lights require a bigger initial outlay, but last up to 10 years without requiring any consumables (lamps, reflectors, etc.)! Given their lifespan, LED grow lights are actually a lot cheaper than HPS grow lights. When you factor in running costs, the long-term savings are off the charts. LED technology can hit high PAR ratings of 3.0 μmol per watt, destroying its competitors.

LED grow lights offer full spectrum light output that's as close to natural sunlight as possible. By encompassing a broader area of the light spectrum, LED grow lights promote faster, healthier growth. Once you've tried full spectrum lighting, there's no going back. This why professional horticulturalists have been using full spectrum lighting for years.

What wattage do you need? How many LEDs should you buy? When's the right time to use LED lighting? How often do you need to replace LED lights? What brand of LED light should you go for? How do LED grow lights work? Here's what you need to know about LED grow lights in hydroponics. 

What LED Grow Lights do you Sell?

We sell a range of LED options, including quantum board LED lighting, spider-style bar LEDs and compact LED grow lights. Each one is suited to a slightly different environment.

Compact LED grow lights and quantum boards are used in a similar way to HPS grow lights; as smaller light sources, they tend to sit in central areas further from the canopy. BAR LEDs offer incredible light spreads, covering the entire canopy. This keeps development completely uniform, maintaining an even canopy while eliminating microclimates.

How Many LED Grow Lights do I Need to Buy?

It depends on the LED grow lighting, the wattage and the μmol/s output. For fruiting and flowering, you'll need 800-1000 μmol per square metre. Many growers swap out their HPS systems for like-for-like equivalents in terms of power - in other words, they'd swap 600 watts of HPS for the same wattage in LED grow lights, with the expectation of getting much bigger yields.

Can You Use LED Grow Lights for Cuttings?

LEDs are the ideal choice for vegetative grow rooms. They have a light spectrum output that's suitable for both vegetative and flowering plant growth. As always, start off with cuttings and seedlings at low output settings with the light raised up. The full spectrum light will then get your plants off to a flying start.

Will I Get Good Yields From LED Grow Lights?

Yes. LEDs produce final yields that totally eviscerate those of traditional HPS grow lights. Brace yourself for something special.

What About Energy Efficiency? Are LED Lights Cheaper to Run?

LED grow lights are great if you're looking to keep running costs down. They're more efficient, with a bigger output per watt. So yes, they can be cheaper to run if you swap out an HPS system for an LED with an equivalent light output, as it will consume less power.

How Long do LED Lights Last?

It depends on the LED light. Some LED lights last longer than others. Telos 0010 LED Grow Lights last around 10 years before they need replacing. You won't need to replace any parts during this time, either, keeping LED lights as cost-efficient as possible. LED lights may require a bigger outlay, but they're more cost-effective in the long-run compared to HPS lights.

Do LED Grow Lights Increase Your Humidity?

In a way. Your temperature and grow room humidity are closely related.The hotter the air is, the greater the water-holding capacity is. Since LED lights run cooler, your grow space temperature tends to be lower. Lower temps, therefore, lower the water holding capacity of the air, thus increasing the relative humidity reading in a space with a given moisture level. Be sure to keep temperature levels up (using a heater if needs be) and you'll avoid any humidity-related issues with mould and rot.

Does an LED Grow Light Make CO2 More Usable?

Yes. If you use LED lights, you don't have to extract as much air to keep your grow room cool. This means that CO2 is in contact with plants for longer before being drawn out by extractor fans when using LED grow lights. And as we all know, CO2 can have a big impact on plant growth.

Why is an LED Light More Expensive to Buy?

A high-end LED grow light tend to require a larger initial outlay than standard HID lighting. There are lots of reasons why. For a start, you get more light, and more PAR light at that (the kind your plants need)! You also get a better quality of full spectrum light; you don't have to replace your LED as often, and you don't to buy consumables, either. Since most LED grow lights last around 10 years, in the long run, you'll save money. Once you see the impact that these units make on plant growth, you'll realise why they're an absolutely essential purchase.

Do LED Grow Lights Come with Warranties?

Absolutely, you can buy an LED grow light with complete peace of mind! Though the length varies, depending on the particular manufacturer.