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Omega Infinity Pro LED Grow Light – 200W / 300W

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SKU: 59992
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200W & 300W Omega Infinity LEDs – Compact, Highly Efficient and Super-Intense

Omega's new additions to the Infinity range deliver the benefits of the original Omega Infinity, but in new, compact sizes that are optimised for smaller grow spaces. They make great vegetative growth lights, but they'll also produce impressive yields when used in the flowering stages, giving you the best of both worlds.

Here’s a snapshot of the range:

  • High efficiency output of up to 2.7umol/W
  • Incredible intensity of 540 μmol/s PPF (200W version)
  • Ideal for areas of 80cm x 80cm (200W) up to 100cm x 100cm (300W)
  • Stylish gold paint work — looks great in your grow room
  • Compact fixture designs with no fans or moving parts
  • Highly uniform footprint (thanks to evenly distributed diodes)
  • Produces great results during both the vegetative and flowering stages
  • Comes with a manual dimmer that adjusts output levels in 25% increments
  • Clear glue protection cover technology to protect diodes
  • Plug and play — can be up and running in seconds
  • Designed for the grow room environment with IP65 rating

What's the Ideal Grow Space for the 200W / 300W Infinity LED?

These fixtures deliver the same incredible efficiency levels of their bigger, 600 watt brother, but in a compact form. This makes them ideal for use in grow tents and grow spaces that range from 60cm x 60cm to 100cm x 100cm.

Can I Use this Light Through the Whole Cycle?

They perform brilliantly as veg lights, promoting rapid, vibrant growth while minimising stretching, and they naturally deliver great results when used as flowering lights, too. That's because both models utilise a combination of highly efficient red and white diodes, outputting intense, full-spectrum light that your plants will thrive in, no matter what the growth stage.

Can the Lighting Output be Regulated?

When you first introduce your plants to one of these grow lights, be sure to turn the output level down and lift the light up. The intensity of these lights will be too much for very young plants. The supplied tethered controller units will allow you to regulate the output level in 25% increments.

Controller Compatibility

Infinity fixtures come with ports that make them compatible with centralised lighting controller units, like the Omega Matrix Controller. This allows you to control a large number of lights from a central point, while offering features like sunrise / sunset mode (which gradually fades light in and out) and auto-dimming, should temperatures creep over your chosen set point.

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