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Propagation Grow Lights

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Propagation Lights

Propagate your plants well, and they’ll perform better when fully grown.

Don’t overpower cuttings and seedlings with a high intensity grow light. Instead, get them off to a flying start with our propagation grow lights.

They’re low intensity and hardly produce any heat, but really kickstart growth.

Choosing one is simple, but if you’re struggling, take a look at some of the questions customers ask us, and the answers we give.

If you’re still struggling, start a live chat or call 0333 003 22 96.

What wavelengths of light do propagating plants need?

During propagation, roots are growing, stems are thickening, and leaves are sprouting. To do this, cuttings and seedlings need lots of blue wavelengths of light – the wavelengths used for vegetative growth.

What are propagation grow lights?

Propagation lights are low intensity, fluorescent lights that emit wavelengths of light mainly in the blue spectrum.

They’re designed to provide moderate levels of light during early growth without stressing, stretching or overpowering your plants.

What propagation lighting do you sell?

We sell T5 propagation lights, CFL‘s and LEDs

CFL’s (Compact Fluorescent Lights) look like standard energy saving lamps and you can screw them into a standard grow light reflector with an E40 fitting.

T5 lights are more like the strip lights you get in your kitchen. T5 describes the shape of the tube, which is shaped like a ‘T’ and has a diameter that’s equal to 5 times an eighth of an inch!

LED propagation lights use the latest technology to deliver the right light for young plants at the lowest possible running costs. We see these as the future of propagation lighting.

Both CFL’s and T5 lights are fluorescent grow lights, and suitable for use during propagation.

For how many hours a day should I run my propagation lights?

Leave them on for 18 hours, then switch them off for 6 hours - like you would during vegetative growth.

How high do I place my propagation lights from my plants?

Since they don’t emit much heat and their intensity is low, your propagation lights don’t need to be too far away from plants.

A single tube T5 Light can be suspended directly over cuttings and seedlings. You can even sit them on top of your propagator lid.

If you have a 2 Tube T5 propagation light, position it 15-30cm above your plants.

LED lights will be dependent on wattage, but there is usully the ability to dim the output also.

When should I use propagation lights?

For however long it takes for plants to establish. Normally this is around two weeks, but the exact time can vary.

Once plants have established, the vegetative cycle starts.

If you’re keeping a mother plant, you can use a propagating light to keep her in constant vegetative growth, allowing you to take viable cuttings from her.

Do propagation grow lamps need a reflector and ballast?

All propagation grow lights have an inbuilt ballast, so you can plug them straight into your timer plugged into the mains supply.

You don’t need to use a reflector – T5 lights and the Bright-Wing Mother Clone Light already have one.

If using CFL propagating lights, you can use a reflector to get a better spread of light, but you don’t have to. You can just use your CFL with a lead and lampholder.

LED propagation lights are self contained units.

Why do you sell red CFL grow lights?

You shouldn’t use it on its own during propagation, but you can use a red CFL as a supplemental grow light during flowering.

What grow tent should I use with my propagating lights?

During propagation, you don’t need much head room.

Just make sure there’s enough space to leave at least 20cm between your light and the canopy layer (if using a CFL or 2 Tube T5 grow light).

If using a 1 Tube T5 light, you don’t even need that much height.

You’re best off using a one of our BAY6 Propagation Tents. There are two sizes available and both are dual use.

Stand them up to increase your height or lay them flat to reduce it. If you’re not sure which light you’ll be using from grow to grow they’re ideal!

Do you sell propagation kits with lights?

Yes. A propagation light and tent are sold together as part of our BAY6 Mini Propagation Tent Kit.