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Omega Spectra G Line Quantum LED Grow Light - 100W

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SKU: 50025
Regular price £142.99

100W Quantum Board LED Grow Lights

Used specifically for propagation by some growers and from start to finish as a main or supplementary light source by others, the full spectrum design offers great flexibility! Whatever your particular needs happen to be, if efficiency, precision and uniformity are important, it’ll do a smashing job! 

The unit may only run on 100W, but every little bit of energy gets squeezed to the max to produce an incredible amount of light – the superb ratings of 2.7umol/W and 277umol/S prove this point!

Equipped with quality components including Samsung LM301B Chips and a Meanwell LED Driver, the Omega Spectra G Line G100 promises to perform to the highest of standards for a prolonged period of time, carrying a minimum lifetime expectancy of 50,000 hours!

Compact and low profile, even previously discounted spaces can become miniature jungles thanks to this fantastic product, which covers 60cm x 60cm up to 90cm x 90cm.

  • Low power, low heat 100W LED grow light
  • High PAR efficiency of 2.7umol/W and total light output of 277umol/S
  • Full spectrum – suitable for use throughout an entire crop
  • Multi-purpose – main light, supplementary light, propagation light
  • Delivers an even spread of light to help ensure crop uniformity
  • Quality components from Samsung (chips) and Meanwell (driver)
  • Onboard dimmer lets you adjust light intensity as plants develop
  • Amazing minimum lifetime expectancy of 50,000 hours
  • Covers an area of 60cm x 60cm up to 90cm x 90cm
  • Lightweight, low profile design for easy hanging and tight spaces
  • No moving parts during use for a silent performance
  • Waterproof unit copes with hot and humid grow rooms
  • Measures 29.8cm x 26.5cm x 5.3cm tall – that’s very compact!
  • Supplied with hanging equipment (1x YoYo)
  • Reassuring 3-year manufacturer’s warranty

Full Spectrum For Use Throughout A Crop

The Omega Spectra G Line G100 LED has an optimised spectrum for the full growth cycle, so you don’t need to use separate lights during each of the propagation, veg growth and flowering stages.

Cool Running - Ideal In The Summer!

Whilst HPS lights do generate quite a bit of heat, the Omega Spectra G Line G100 LED is cool running, making it easier to accommodate and manage in your grow room.

Energy Efficient To Reduce Your Costs!

The Omega Spectra G Line G100 consumes less energy and still provides the same amount of light (or more!) as many of the lower power HPS systems (e.g. 250W), meaning they’re actually much more efficient.

Long Lifespan - No Replacement Lamps Necessary!

One of the biggest selling points of LED grow lights is that you don’t have to replace any lamps (or in this case, diodes) after one or two crops. The Omega Spectra G Line G100 will keep on operating without suffering from any kind of drop off caused by degradation for 50,000 hours and beyond!

Super Simple Setup

Pleasingly, the Omega Spectra G Line G100 only takes a matter of minutes to get up and running! Simply hang the unit with the supplied YoYo, connect the power lead and switch it on at the mains. Since the product only draws 100W, you can use any of our timers to set your day and night periods.

How Long Can You Go?

The position you hang your LED will have an impact on intensity, coverage area and overall growth. To achieve the best results from the Omega Spectra G Line G100, we recommend the following hanging heights: 

Propagation: 61cm to 76cm above plants

Veg stage: 45cm to 61cm above plants

Flowering: 30cm to 45cm above plants

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