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Complete Grow Kits

Starting out in indoor growing can be a daunting prospect as there is so much equipment and so much equipment to factor in. Let us take the hassle out of getting growing with one of our expertly constructed complete grow kits.

We have a wide range of complete grow kits covering a variety of hydroponic techniques, giving you absolutely everything you need to build a working hydroponic system except the seeds.

Our simple growing instructions (and expert guidance on the phone if needed) will mean that with any of these grow kits you can be up and growing in no time.

The simplest way to get into hydroponics and indoor gardening, we recommend our complete grow kits to all new growers.

Why Choose Grow Tent Kits?

These kits come with all of the major items of grow room equipment needed to get started, including grow tent, grow light kit and extraction.

Grow tents are built to house your indoor gardens, allowing you to create microclimates that are suitable for plant growth, whatever the outside conditions. We include BAY6 (if you're on a budget) and BudBox grow tents (if you want the best), so there's something for everybody.

The extraction system consists of a carbon filter, extractor fan, ducting and connectors (clips / clamps). This system removes hot, stale, humid and CO2 depleted air from the grow tent, allowing you to control the environmental conditions. Smells are removed by the carbon filter so that any air that leaves the grow space is completely odour-free.

The lighting system illuminates the grow tent, delivering much needed light energy. This facilitates the process of photosynthesis and healthy plant growth.

With these items of equipment you have the main components required to mimic plants' natural outside conditions.

Grow Tent Kit Extras

If you want to fill in the gaps, take a look at our grow tent kit bolt-on packs, which include pots, coco media & nutrients, and testing equipment.

You can also take a look at grow systems to automate the watering process and allow you to grow hydroponically.