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BAY6 Dual Purpose 130 Mother Plant Tent Kits

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SKU: 6521
Regular price £209.99

Mother Plant Grow Tent Kits

Keeping a mother plant? Look after her! The healthier the mother, the healthier the clones.

Get yours into great shape - meet her unique environmental needs with this kit. To keep her in veg, you get a blue CFL light + Grow Nutrients. The included timer means you can automate a veg light cycle (18hrs on + 6hrs off).

With a unique fabric RhizoPot, your mother will develop a healthy root network with no circling - she will not become pot bound. A set-up like this'll really help your mother thrive for much longer.

There are no hidden costs or extra buys needed – this trusty kit’s got it all. You know you’re getting the best - everything in this bundle’s been tried, tested and hand-picked by us.

  • Ideal climate combo for mothers
  • Incredible investment: healthy mother = healthy clones
  • Superb value (unbeatable price + no ballast needed + cheap to run lights)
  • Protect plant genetics – tried, trusted, reliable brands
  • Easy to use - automate light on & off times (18hrs on + 6hrs off)

You won’t find a kit like it anywhere else – definitely not for this price!

Kit Contains

The kit speaks for itself. Remember, you get all of this:

  • BAY6 Dual Purpose Propagation Tent (75x75x130cm)
  • 12L RhizoPot
  • 50L Tropic Mix
  • 1L Shogun Samurai Terra
  • Grow Gadgets 24 Hour Segment Timer
  • Small Garland Tray
  • Rope Ratchets

Light Option

Option 1: BAY6 Euro 125W Blue CFL

  • 125W CFL Lamp + Reflector + mains lead
  • Blue CFL - 6400 Kelvin
  • E40 lampholder
  • 47 x 40 x 15cm ( L x W x H)

Option 2: Omega Spectra G Line Quantum LED Grow Light - 100W

  • High PAR rating - 2.7μmol/W
  • Total PAR output per unit of 277μmol/S
  • Quality Samsung chips & Meanwell drive
  • Minimum lifetime expectancy of 50,000hrs
  • Compact - 29.8cm x 26.5cm x 5.3cm
  • Coverage: 6ox60cm - 90x90cm

Ideal Climate for Mother Plants

Lots of blue light, in a compact tent

  • Compact, BAY6 Dual Purpose Tent (75 x 75 x 130cm)
  • Only blue wavelengths fof light or vegging (Blue CFL light)

Maximum Growth, No Flowering

Keep your mother plant vegging while other plants flower

  • SHOGUN Terra Grow included (contains EXCLUSIVE additive – the SmartZen Maximiser)
  • 50L Tropic Mix included – (fine grade peat & coco mix)

Strong, Healthy Roots

Stronger roots = Healthier plants = Better clones.

  • RhizoPot included - they naturally air prune roots
  • Your mother won’t become pot bound
  • Bigger, stronger, healthier root network with lots of secondary roots

Excellent Value

You won’t find a kit like it elsewhere.

  • Light has a cost-saving, space saving inbuilt ballast
  • Low power lamp – energy saving
  • Timer included
  • Exolux Pro Rope Ratchet Heavy Duty Hangers included

No Fuss, No Mess

It doesn’t have to be hard – make your life easy with this kit

  • Automate light on and off times (timer included)
  • Prevent root problems – (RhizoPots included)
  • No mess – Garland Work Tray included to collect run off

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  • Hey Does this tent come with an outtake vent hole and if so what size? Thanks in advance Ollie

    The Bay6 Dual-Purpose Tent has a 150mm port for extraction.

  • Does this product need a separate fan?

    We would recommend using a clip on fan in this tent to promote air movement.