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Growing Media

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Growing Media

Growing Media is the material that your plants roots physically grow in and here at GroWell we sell growing media to suit systems of all types. 

In many hydroponic systems such as NFT, Aeroponics and Deep Water Culture, the growing media is very minimal (such as a Grodan cube), with most of the roots growing in the growing system and nutrient solution. For other systems like Flood and Drain, where pots are used, the growing media is more substantial. 

We offer a wide range of media available for hydroponic growing, soil growing and coco growing and your choice will be driven by the growing system you have decided to use. There is a lot of choice and each type of growing media has its benefits and drawbacks. It is about finding what suits your style of growing the best and which you can use most effectively when growing your prized plants.

If you’re looking for more information on a growing medium or what’s right for your plants, speak to our friendly experts today on: 0333 003 22 96.