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Tropic 70/30 Coco Mix

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SKU: 906019
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Enhanced Tropic Cocomix 70/30 Blend – Combines Premium Quality with Affordability

With the addition of 30% perlite, this blend achieves an optimal balance between airy, soft coco and the exceptional drainage properties of perlite. It's a versatile choice suitable for both beginners and experienced growers, including those operating on a larger scale.

The inclusion of perlite in this new mix facilitates deep water penetration throughout the root zone, resulting in improved nutrient absorption rates and enhanced drainage. This increased oxygenation promotes the development of robust roots and, ultimately, higher yields.

The Tropic Mix Coco 70/30 blend maintains an EC of 0.8, granting you precise control over your plant's nutrition. This level of control allows for fine-tuning your feeding regimen to achieve maximum growth potential. Elevate your gardening experience with this exceptional coco-perlite mix.

  • Enhanced blend featuring top-tier coco coir and perlite for superior growth
  • Offers exceptional drainage while preserving moisture levels for robust root growth
  • RHP certification ensures quality and reliability
  • Ideal substrate for growers of all scales
  • Pre-washed and buffered, making it user-friendly
  • pH level of 5.8 and an EC of 0.8 for precise control
  • 50 Litres

Want to know the details?

Composition -

Coco Premium (Buffed & Washed) - 0,70m3

Perlite 1-6 MM - 0,30m3

PG-Mix (14-16-18+TE 0.2MO) - 1,00 KG/M3

pH - 5.8 [5,3 - 6,3]

EC - 0.8 [0,6 - 1,0]

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  • Do I need to add fertilizer as well - for small plants?


    We would recommend using a product such as Shogun Start for small plants. Once your plants are a suitable size you can then move onto a product like Shogun Coco A&B

    Thanks for the question