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Fan Controllers

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Fan Controllers

Seasonal changes in temperature mean that you won’t always need to run your extractor fans at full speed. Here at GroWell, we offer a wide variety of fan speed controllers to help you perfectly balance the intake and extraction rates in your grow room.

There are a number of ways of adjusting the speed of an extractor fan, with the cheapest and most prevalent method being to use a resistive type of controller. These controllers slow the fans using increased resistance and represent an incredibly budget friendly option for adjusting your extractor fan speeds.  

An alternative fan control method available to indoor gardeners involves voltage controllers, which use a variac to alter the actual power supplied to the fan. These controllers are much more heavy duty and do not create any additional fan noise in comparison with resistive type controllers. A more expensive option, these fan controllers generally suit more experienced users. 

The latest and greatest development in extractor fand and fan control are EC fans. These innovative fan motors allow precision speed control via a 1-10v signal. Their main benefit is that the fan actually consumes less power when it is turned down - this can lead to huge savings on electricity over the course of a crop,

If you’re unsure about which fan controller best suits your needs, don’t hesitate to speak to one of our friendly experts on 0333 003 22 96