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G.A.S Enviro4 Controller

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G.A.S Enviro Controller 4

    Take full control over your EC fan technology with the NEW Enviro4 Controller.

    Control FOUR devices (lights, humidifiers, dehumidifiers etc) along with your EC intake and EC outtake!

    Smart Control

    To keep your climate bang on, your fan speed works with other bits of kit.

    You might need to run fans quickly to cool, but also activate your humidifier.

    Fan Speed Balancer (Inbuilt)

    You can run your intake fans and extractor fans at different speeds. Both intake fans run at the same speed, both extractor fans run at the same speed.

    Day & Night Modes

    You can have a different temperature and humidity for 'lights off' & 'lights on'.

    Connect Up To 2400W Lights

    That's 1,200W from each exit cable - 4 x 600W lights in total!

    Waterproof To IP44

    The unit's sealed to prevent any water ingress.

    Dump Override For Closed-Loop (Optional)

    For a couple of minutes at set intervals, fans are ramped up to max speed. All the air in your grow room is quickly replaced. This keeps your CO2 high and stops your humidity rising. This feature overrides all other functions.


    With a maximum capacity of 2,200 watts per socket, this controller provides you with the freedom to manage a diverse range of essential grow room devices. It's crucial to keep in mind that when using grow lights, it is recommended not to exceed a total of 2,400 watts across all four plugs to prevent any potential high start-up surges. The Enviro4 Controller offers peace of mind and ensures smooth operation for your grow room setup. Unlock unparalleled control and maximise your growing potential with the G.A.S Enviro4 Controller.

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