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CDM Grow Lights

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CDM Grow Lights

CDM plant lights (ceramic discharge metal halide) give you the best of both worlds - a broad spectrum and a high PAR output. This is why they can be used as a standalone or supplemental plant light. On a very low wattage, they will radically enhance your yield, giving you much stronger aromas and flavours. 

What is a CDM Grow Light?

CDM plant lights are HID (high intensity discharge) plant lights. Just like HPS lights (also HID lights), they are made up of a ballast, lamp and reflector. CDM grow lights are known to enhance crop quality.

When should I use a CDM Grow Light?

For a very low power  (e.g. 315W)  you get a great PAR output and a broad spectrum. This means that they're very flexible. You can use them as a supplemental or standalone lights. 

How do you use CDM Plant Lights

You can use them alongside LED grow lights or HPS light to improve your spectrum. Simple slot one between two existing units, or slot one on either side of your existing unit. If doing this, the trick is to use a slimline reflector that produces a wide spread of light. 

By using a CDM light, you introduce higher levels of wavelengths outside of the PAR range, such as UVA & UVB. Overall, you help generate more essential oils, terpenes and flavanoids.