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315 Watt Omega CDM Grow Light Kit

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SKU: 2845-B
Regular price £69.99
Regular price £179.99 Sale price £69.99 -61%
Lamp Option

Save Money on High-Performance CDM Grow Light Kits

Get lots of PAR light on a low wattage - grab a 315 Watt Omega CDM Lighting System.

Their efficiency rivals high-end greenhouse lights - you get 1.9umol/W. That’ll give you 615umol/S on an ultra-low 315W.

Use them as standalone fixtures and you’ll slash running costs. Or you can throw them into existing setups to ramp your intensity, spectrum & yield size for just 315W extra. In winter they’re a great way of adding quality and yield while warming your grow room. This reduces the need for heaters.

  • High PAR output - 1.9umol/W (615W umol/S)
  • Broad spectrum closer to sunlight with UVA & UVB
  • Standalone (3000K only) or supplemental (3000K or 4000K)
  • Adds warmth in winter (supplemental)

You can use them as standalone or supplemental lights.

You Get

  • Omega 315W CDM Ballast
  • Omega Euro Reflector, Spectrum Enclosed Reflector or E40 to CDM Adapter
  • 315W Omega CDM Lamp (choose 3000K Agro or 4000K Daylight)

Lamp Options

Choose your lamp

3000K Agro Lamp:

  • Veg: Standalone or supplemental
  • Flowering: Standalone or supplemental

4000K Daylight Lamp

  • Veg: Standalone or supplemental
  • Flowering: Supplemental only

Reflector Options

The Euro Reflector is a tried-and-tested piece of kit, loved by millions and known to deliver great results for a great price. If you can afford a little bit extra, go for the Spectrum Enclosed Reflector which produces higher levels of reflectivity and a more even footprint. If you've already got an HPS reflector and you want to convert it for use with the CDM ballast and lamp, go for the Adapter Kit. Just screw the adapter into the E40 socket of your reflector and fit the CDM lamp into the adapter.

Don’t waste £££ on Hot Air

These CDM lights are an extra source of heat in winter. Rather than paying to heat air, you’ll use heaters less while increasing your crop quality & yield.

Broader light spectrum

CDM (aka CMH) lamps have a much broader spectrum than other HID lights - including metal halide (MH) and high pressure sodium (HPS).

High efficiency (1.9umol/S)

A 1.9umol efficiency is right up there with professional HPS lights, bringing these lamps up to 615umol/S. That’s enough light for a 75cm x 75cm - 1m x 1m area on just 315W. Or you can ramp up your light intensity for a very low wattage (just 315W).

Add to existing setups (supplemental)

You can place one between two existing fixtures or on either side of an existing fixture. Some growers with multi-light rooms checkerboard them in.

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