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Tropic Bat Mix

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Push Yields Further with NEW Tropic Batmix

Tropic Batmix 50 Litres is a premium-grade bat guano mix that offers outstanding quality at a fraction of the cost compared to others. Our goal is to make it more accessible for you to reap the incredible benefits of using bat guano, known as one of the planet's richest sources of organic fertilisation.

Tropic Batmix is meticulously crafted to ensure top-notch quality for your crops. It comes pre-buffered with lime and magnesium limestone, resulting in an optimal pH level of 5.7. This pH balance enhances nutrient availability, accelerates growth rates, and minimises the risk of plant deficiencies. As the guano is gradually broken down by beneficial microbes, your plants receive a sustained and consistent supply of nutrition, all while preventing the risk of over-fertilisation.

Elevate your gardening game with Tropic Batmix and experience the long-lasting benefits of this exceptional organic fertiliser.

  • Fantastic quality for the price!
  • Increases aromas and smells in your crops
  • Provides your root zone with intense amounts of phosphorus for maximum growth
  • pH of 5.7 / EC of 1.3
  • Made in the Netherlands
  • 50 Litres

Want to know the details?

Media Composition -

Balt Peat Moss - 45%

German Peat Moss - 45%

Perlite 2-6mm 10%

Composition of fertiliser -

N 14 MO 0.2 CU 0,15

P205 10 MN 0,16 FE 0,09

K20 18 ZN 0,04 B 0,03

Original Bat Guana Pro : 150GR/m3

pH - 5.7 [5,5 - 6,0]

EC - 0.8 [0,6 - 1,0]

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  • What is the best veg nutrient and flower nutrient to use with tropic bat mix. Thanks

    We would recommend using the Shogun Samurai Terra Grow & Bloom nutrients with the Tropic Bat Mix.