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Biobizz Light Mix Soil

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Biobizz Light Mix Brings the Best Out of Young Plants

Biobizz Lightmix is a 100% organic potting soil that's lightly mixed with organic fertiliser. This makes it ideal for re-potting rooted cuttings and seedlings. Other, more heavily fertilised, soils can stress young plants and cause leaf burn, but Light Mix eases plants in gradually, nurturing and nourishing them through some of their most vulnerable stages.

Lightmix is a hugely popular soil that can be used right the way through the grow and bloom stages if so desired. Many growers prefer to work with lightly fertilised soils because they give the grower complete control over plant nutrition. Just add your Biobizz liquid feeds as required, in order to maintain optimal plant health.

  • Biobizz Light Mix is lightly fertilised with organic ingredients
  • Contains peat moss, sphagnum peat and perlite.
  • Free from weeds and pests
  • The low nutrient content kick-starts root development and general growth
  • Very good consistency and drainage
  • Highly effective over the entire cycle (grow and bloom) if desired just add extra Biobizz liquid fertiliser
  • Light and airy, with plenty of oxygenation — drives roots mental
  • As with all Biobizz products, no synthetic minerals are added

Sphagnum moss can hold many times its own weight in water, and these properties make it a sought-after ingredient in potting mixes and substrates. Its ability to hold onto water contributes to maintaining adequate hydration for plant roots, even in drier conditions.

Perlite originates from volcanic glass that has been expanded through intense heat. Characterized by its lightweight and porous structure, perlite exhibits exceptional water retention on its surface due to its extensive network of air pockets. This unique quality prevents soil compaction and promotes efficient drainage, allowing excess water to escape and ensuring optimal aeration for plant roots. Its neutral pH and inert nature make it a versatile choice in potting mixes, aiding in nutrient retention and minimizing the risk of nutrient imbalances.

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  • Biobizz light mix question, when do i stary adding nutrients for an outdoor grow and how do i prepare the soil for a seed to go in to

    The BioBizz Light mix has enough nutrient content for around 3-4 weeks growth. We would advise starting the seeds in either Fleximix Root Riot Cubes, or Jiffy Porpagation plugs. Once the roots emerge from the propagation cube, it should be placed into a Propagation Rhizopot filled with the BioBizz Light Mix Soil. Once roots emerge from the Propagation Rhizopot, it can be transplanted into it's final pot.