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BAY6 Mini Propagation Tent Kits

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SKU: 3886
Regular price £157.99
Propagation Media Type

Mini Propagation Kit

Get cuttings & seedlings off to a great start with a BAY6 Mini Propagation Tent Kit.

You don’t have to work anything out…this kit’s got everything you need to grow healthy plants with strong roots - all for an ultra-low price.

You get: a Tent + Light + Propagator + Media + Nutrients + Rooting Gel + Additives + Scalpel + Cable Ties

Forget the fuss - it doesn’t get easier than this. If you’re a new grower, it’s a no brainer.

✔ Ideal light & tent combo
✔ Propagator included
Epic roots in record time – Rooting Gel & Additives included
Grow healthy plants – Gentle SHOGUN Start baby plant food included
Take expert cuttings – Scalpel included
Fuss free – everything works together perfectly
✔ Unbeatable value

You won’t find a kit like it anywhere else – definitely not for this price!

Kit Contains

The kit speaks for itself. Remember, you get all of this:

BAY6 Propagation Tent

Grow Tools Propagator

250ml Shogun Katana Roots

250ml Shogun Start

50ml Clonex Rooting Gel

750ml Budget Sprayer

1 x Scalpel

20 x Cable Ties

Light Option

Omega T5 Light

Option 1: T5 Propagation Grow Light 2-Tube

  • T5 Fluorescent Light
  • Low power, low heat - just 48W
  • 2m mains lead - no ballast needed
  • Lightweight and easy to fit
  • Power cord & suspension cables included
  • 66cm x 28cm x13cm (L x W x H)

Option 2: Omega Spectra G Line Quantum LED Grow Light - 100W

  • High PAR rating - 2.7μmol/W
  • Total PAR output per unit of 277μmol/S
  • Quality Samsung chips & Meanwell drive
  • Minimum lifetime expectancy of 50,000hrs
  • Compact - 29.8cm x 26.5cm x 5.3cm
  • Coverage: 6ox60cm - 90x90cm

Media Option

Option 1: 77 x Grodan Cuttings Seed Cubes - Large

  • Clean, lightweight
  • Easy to handle - supplied in a plastic tray
  • Size: 3.6cm (1.5")

Option 2: 48 x Root Riot Cubes

  • Mixture of coco coir, peat and bark
  • Organic & bio-degradeable
  • Excellent aeration and drainage properties
  • Ideal for soil or coco growers

Ideal Propagation Tent & Light Combo
Small plants need a small growing area & low intensity light

Speedy Rooting & Early Growth:
Get your roots right and you'll have healthier plants, bigger yields and faster growth. To fuel rooting, you get

  • SHOGUN Katana Roots: When we used it, we got roots in just 5 days
    SHOGUN Start: Gentle formula to kickstart rooting and early growth
    50ml Clonex Rooting Gel: Contains rooting hormones at 3000 parts per million

    Ease the Stress of Cloning
    Take the ultimate cuttings and help plants recover from cloning

    50ml Clonex Rooting Gel: Seals cut stems of new cuttings
    Cloning Scalpel: Create surgically precise cuts - scalpels are sterile, individually wrapped & disposable

Support up to 77 Propagating Plants
You can propagate up to 77 plants with one of these kits

77 x Grodan Large Cutting Seed Cubes included (1.5" x 1.5")
• Fit up to 77 cubes in your propagator

Easy – Everything’s Included
You won't have to buy anything else - you can start propagating instantly

• 20 x Cable Ties: Let you easily fix your light in place
750ml Spray Gun: Use it to apply your nutrient or additive as a foliar spray

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