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SHOGUN Start - 250ml Code: 4187
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SHOGUN Start - 1 Litre Code: 4188
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Strike roots sooner & increase your cutting survival rate with SHOGUN Start.

It uses natural hormones (auxins) in plants for root initiation. 


  • Reduce root sprouting time
  • Increase cutting survival rate
  • Encourage root striking, growth & branching
  • Promotes white, fluffy roots
  • Relieves stress (SmartZen)

It’s not just a ‘weaker’ solution. It’s a delicate mix of micro & macronutrients that cuttings & seedlings need.

Plants get full strength trace elements, but a lower overall strength.

There are no heavy metals or pesticides. And it's made using 'technical grade' ingredients, which are better quality than the 'fertiliser grade' ingredients most ranges use.

Use it for pre-soaking propagation cubes and as a root feed for cuttings and seedlings.

Dose with this and plants will developer a healthy root network that maximises yield.

Fast Rooting & Establishment (Via Auxins)Fast Rooting & Establishment (Via Auxins)

Fast Rooting & Establishment (Via Auxins)

For rapid rooting & establishment, the CA + B ratio in SHOGUN Start encourages auxins (hormones) to move to the rooting point. This increases root initiation. No rooting hormone additive is needed!

Extra Calcium & BoronExtra Calcium & Boron

Extra Calcium & Boron

It’s also been boosted with Calcium & Boron – both drive vigorous root growth.

Humic & Fulvic AcidHumic & Fulvic Acid

Humic & Fulvic Acid

Both increase nutrient uptake & transportation of the calcium & boron.

+ SmartZen Maximiser (SHOGUN Exclusive)+ SmartZen Maximiser (SHOGUN Exclusive)

+ SmartZen Maximiser (SHOGUN Exclusive)

It’s been proven to increase yield! It increases chlorophyll content to photosynthesis (sugar production). It also enhances nutrient assimilation, along with enzyme driven process & mitochondria activity. It also reduces heat & transplanting stress.

How To Use

For the first 2 weeks, use it as a root feed. 

It is suitable for use in aeroponic propagators and can also be used as a foliar spray.

It's great for mother plants. At any stage of growth, you can use it for pre-soaking media instead of using a half-strength feed.

For best results, use it with Katana roots, but it’s compatible with any brand of root stimulator.

Cuttings / Seedlings
4ml/L (weeks -6 & -5)

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