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Omega Deep Blue CFL Grow Lamps

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SKU: 765451
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Omega Blue CFL Grow Lamps - Low Energy Lighting

Market-leading fluorescent lamps found to be very effective at raising cutting/seedlings and developing young plants. Also sometimes used as supplementary lighting during the main stages of the plant life cycle. Maximum coverage area: 80cm x 80cm

• Blue spectrum for vegetative growth
• Energy efficient and cheaper to run than high intensity lights
• Minimal heat output
• No separate ballast required – run directly through a mains plug
• Screw into a standard E40 fitting (normal grow light lampholder)

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Questions & Answers

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  • I want to ripen my tomatoes. Which bulb would you recommeng

    We would recommend using the 125W Red CFL lamp to encourage fruiting or flowering growth, & the 125W Blue CFL for vegetative growth.

  • Which colour of bulb do you use for flowering?

    You would use a red spectrum lamp for flowering, & a blue spectrum lamp for vegetative growth.

  • Could you give me an idea of how much less these cost to operate compared to a ballasted HPS?

    A 125W Eco Light will consume 1/2 the power that a 250W HPS will. However, on a Watt for Watt basis, the HPS is more efficient, as it produces more lumens per Watt. A 250W HPS lamp will produce 33000 lumens, whereas 2 x 125W Eco lights will produce 24000 lumens.

  • What is the best distance for cfl lights to be hung above plants?

    For cuttings & seedlings, we'd recommend having your CFL 80cm away from the top of the propagator, for larger plants, the CFL should be 60cm away.

  • What is the lumen output of these lamps?

    The lumen output on a new bulb is around the 12,000 mark.

  • can i grow from seed and keep 1 mother under 1 blue spectrum light , and will the mother stay healthy ?

    The blue Eco-Lights are good for keeping mother plants, some people do their whole veg stage with these & switch to HPS bulbs for flowering.

  • Have u got the 250 watt bulbs in stock

    We don't stock the 250W Eco lights as they are extremely fragile, & you would get a superior result with a 250W budget hobby light system.

  • Do the CFL lamps come with a plug or is it just a bulb?

    The CFL lights can be supplied on their own @ £19.95 each, with a lead & Lampholder @ £29.90, or with a wired reflector @ £37.95.

  • What is the life span of these lights?

    The Eco Lights will last between 6 months to a year.

  • hi i am a new grower and need some tips on grow lights using a cfl my question is which colour is for what should i use a blue spec for veg only and a red spec once its ready for flower and also will it affect the ability of the plant using a cfl light

    The Eco Lights are a good budget option, you would use a blue spectrum for veg, & red for flower. You would get a better result using the Budget Hobby Light system, which has a spectrum adjusted Grolux bulb which will meet the plant’s needs throughout vegetative & flowering stages.

  • does this item come with a plug?

    The bulbs can be supplied with a lead & lampholder, a CFL Hobby Reflector, or a Sunmate Grow CFL Reflector. All of these options are supplied with a mains plug.

  • Can i use CFL lamps with HPS lamps? will it make much of a difference if i put some of these CFLs in with my existing HPS setup?

    You can use CFLs as supplementary lights along with your main HPS grow lamps to boost light levels in your flowering room. They can either be used with a reflector, or hung vertically using the lead & lampholder.