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Omega Spectra G Line Quantum LED Grow Light – 220W

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Omega Spectra G220 Quantum Board LEDs

It has been stripped right back to the bare essentials, keeping purchasing and running costs as low as possible whilst still managing to deliver a seriously impressive performance in terms of brightness! You get 220W of power, a PAR rating of 2.8umol/W and a PPF reading of 600umol/S – quite the set of stats for a small panel LED! On top of this you can expect a full spectrum of light proven to deliver results over the entire plant lifecycle, a compact, lightweight and low profile design suited to relatively tight spaces and an excellent build quality capable of withstanding harsh growing conditions. A highly recommended product for beginners and newcomers to LED technology!

Product Highlights:

  • Epic PAR rating of 2.8umol/W and PPF reading of 600umol/S
  • Low wattage light (220W) that can be used in tight spaces
  • Stripped back design where cost savings are reflected in the price
  • Extremely efficient LED unit reduces energy bills vs HPS fixtures
  • Full spectrum of light for grow and bloom cycles
  • Onboard dimmer dial for manual adjustments to intensity
  • Ports for connecting to a 0-10V controller and linking multiple lights
  • Short and compact in size to minimise impact on your growing area
  • Excellent build quality capable of withstanding harsh conditions
  • Features reliable Samsung LM301B diodes and a Meanwell driver
  • Long lifespan of around 50,000 hours or more
  • Cool running and completely silent
  • Lightweight – making it easy to handle and hang up
  • Supplied with hanging cables and rope ratchets
  • Includes 3 years manufacturers’ warranty

Ultra-efficient and super bright

Using only 220W of power, the Omega Spectra G220 LED is effortlessly able to produce an intensely bright light for your plants. The secret lies in its immense PAR rating of 2.8umol/W, which combines with the total output of the unit to give you a fantastic PPF reading of 600umol/S! Talk about phenomenal efficiency – every single W essentially gets squeezed and then made to work as hard as possible!

Built to last with quality components

Branded components that include Samsung LM301B diodes and a Meanwell driver can be found on the Omega Spectra G220 LED, which contribute towards its excellent performance and reliability. An impressively long lifespan of 50,000+ hours (equal to 11+ years on a 12/12 cycle) engenders trust from the user, as does the reassuring 3 year manufacturer’s warranty. You even get decent hanging cables and rope ratchets thrown in, eradicating the need to purchase separate equipment.

Suitable for different applications

The full spectrum of light kicked out by the Omega Spectra G220 LED is perfect for use throughout the grow and bloom stages, although some people only choose to deploy it during propagation due to the low wattage. The short and compact nature of the product takes up a minimal amount of your grow space and will suddenly make some previously dismissed areas suitable for plant cultivation. Similarly, the cool-running design (no fan!) helps a lot here and prevents heat issues. Expect optimum coverage over an area of 60cm x 120cm. If you’ve got a 1.2m x 1.2m x 2m tall tent, 2x Omega Spectra G220 works a treat!

Choose manual or controlled dimming

Manage lighting your way! A dimmer dial for manual light adjustments is located on top of the LED panel, along with an ON/OFF button and ports that give you the option of connecting and automating multiple Omega Spectra G220’s using a 0-10V controller (such as the Parlux Master Controller). These two types of control will appease everyone, from hands-on, super attentive hobbyists to busy, large-scale pro’s.


64.5cm long x 26.5cm wide x 6.3cm tall



How to use the Omega Spectra G220 LED

The Omega Spectra G220 is lightweight and easy to hang using the included equipment. Just attach the cables to the corners of the LED panel, then connect the pair of cables at each end to a single rope ratchet and fix the two ratchets to a suitable hanging point. As it only draws 220W of power, you can safely use a heavy duty timer to set on/off durations.

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