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Lumatek ATS Pro LED Grow Light – 200W / 300W

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SKU: 92780
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Lumatek ATS Pro LEDs – Great for Vegging and for Smaller Spaces

By going Pro, you’ll get 2.7umol/W courtesy of the 300W unit and 2.5umol/W courtesy of the 200W unit. They’re also more controllable and capable than ever before, really serving to enhance the user experience!

Here’s a snapshot of the range:

  • High output – PAR up to 2.7umol/W, PPF of up to 816umol/S
  • Ideal for areas of 80cm x 80cm (200W) up to 100cm x 100cm (300W)
  • Stylish and compact fixture designs with no moving parts
  • Improved light spread and uniformity thanks to more evenly distributed diodes
  • Full spectrum lights that are also great specifically just for propagation
  • Dim manually or automatically with Lumatek Digital Panel PLUS 2.0
  • Excellent quality diodes (4000k white, 660nm deep red & 730nm far red) and Lumatek LED Driver
  • Clear glue protection cover technology on the LED bars
  • User friendly plug and play assembly
  • Designed for the grow room environment with IP65 rating

The ATS Pro range is an unmatched duo of compact, practical, discreet, plug ‘n’ play grow lights for the home hobbyist – satisfying ambitious beginners right up to seasoned professionals!

With a high fixture efficacy of 2.7umol/J for the 300W Pro and 2.5umol/J for the 200W Pro, you can expose your plants to a fantastic amount of light at a relatively low cost! Deliver up to an impressive 816 umol/S (from the 300W option), whilst at the same time benefitting from the ultra slim profile and low level of heat.

Each model produces a full spectrum of light through a combination of highly efficient red, white and far red LEDs – which are now more evenly distributed across the length of the light bars, leading to a more even light spread and uniformity over the (slightly larger) area. They are designed to excel from start to finish, but also work really well if you want to use in a compact space, specifically focusing on propagation.

A new feature of the ATS Pro line is the removal of the acrylic cover from the LED bars and the addition of a thin layer of clear glue protection. This boosts light transmittance to 99% without light loss, and increases the lifetime of diodes thanks to extra corrosion resistance.

Also, a port for an external controller has been added to the super reliable Lumatek driver. Although a few different 0-10V devices are compatible, we recommend the Lumatek Digital Panel PLUS 2.0. It’ll manage up to 100 fixtures, offering you convenient light timing, automated dimming (1% increments), temperature safety control, memory back up, and sunrise and sunset mode.

Lumatek’s innovative product development process and investment in LED technology has produced a powerful set of LED grow lights, both with passive cooling. The fan-less design features no moving parts, meaning the ATS Pro fixtures will function for a long time and continue to operate silently. You can also relax knowing they are specifically designed for grow rooms, carrying an IP65 water and dustproof rating.

When seeking light quality and quantity, strength of features and reliability of performance over time, look no further than the Lumatek ATS Pro LED Grow Lights! The 200W option provides the optimal solution for rooms with a footprint of 80cm x 80cm and the 300W option provides the optimal solution for rooms with a footprint of 100cm x 100cm.

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