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SHOGUN Katana Roots

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SHOGUN Katana Roots

Fuel root growth, health and branching with SHOGUN’s explosive Katana Roots.

It stimulates both root initiation and root elongation – that’s almost unheard of! You’ll find it reduces stress, too.

Your plants will speed through vegetative growth - when we tried it, we got roots in just 5 days!

It promotes impressive root growth without root staining. It won’t change the pH of your nutrient solution either!

Use it alongside your base nutrient as a nutrient additive, for soaking propagation cubes, for taking cuttings and as a growth-boosting foliar spray!

  • Improves root health
  • Fuels root initiation (via nutrient boron)
  • Stimulates root elongation (biotin)
  • Enhances root branching ( for superior root network)
  • Balances hormonal fluctuations (brimming with B vitamins)
  • Reduces plant stress when cut (for cuttings and seedlings)
  • Great dilution rate: 0.2mL/L (5mL for cube soak & foliar spray)
  • Effective in soil, coco and hydroponic mediums
  • Speeds up propagation times – we got roots in just 5 days!
  • Drives nutrient uptake (thanks to healthy roots)
  • No root staining

Please note: 10 Litre variants are purchased to order which may cause a slight delay or separate dispatch when ordering for delivery or collection

Does adding SHOGUN Katana Roots to your feed regime really make a difference? We put the product to the test - see our results!

The Science

Get your roots right and you’ll see healthier plants, bigger yields and faster growth.

If you want the best, Katana Roots is the reigning champion of all root feeds.

It’s a brilliant blend of vitamins, hormones, amino acids and nutrients

Stimulates root initiation

Get cuttings and seedlings off to a great start with Katana Roots.

It contains boron, which works with the nutrients in your plants. Specifically, it reacts with auxins found at plant cuts to stimulate root initiation.

When we used it, we got roots in just 5 days!

Stimulates root elongation

Get a stronger, complex, more efficient root network with Katana Roots.

It contains biotin, a stimulant that:

  • Encourages primary root and secondary root growth
  • Boosts your overall root mass
  • Enables plants to take up nutrients more efficiently as a result

Improves root health and resistance to diseases

Katana Roots improves the overall health of your roots, so you get:

  • Healthier plants, bigger yields and faster growth
  • Greater resistance to root diseases such as Pythium (root rot).

Reduces stress

Katana Roots is a great stress reliever.

It brimming with B vitamins, amino acids and hormones. These key ingredients help to restore hormonal balance in stressed plants.

Use Katana Roots to reduce stress when plants are cut or exposed to high temperatures.

Contains seaweed extract

You’ll get all the benefits of seaweed without your nutrient tank going funky.

The seaweed is highly processed, and cells are bursts open to obtain a green extract - a magnificent mix of amino acids and hormones to reduce plant stress.This stringent process gives rise to a formula that is stable and consistent.

Better yet, your nutrient solution won't go bad as it won’t cause any fermentation:

  • Katana Roots doesn’t change the pH of your nutrient solution
  • There are no unsightly signs of bacteria growth
  • Your solution stays virtually clear, with a signature green tinge
  • Absolutely no root staining

How To Use

Cuttings / Seedlings
5ml / L (weeks -6 & -5)
Vegetative Growth
0.2ml / L (weeks -4, -3, -2, -1)
0.2ml / L (weeks 1, 2, 3)

Cuttings & Seedlings

1. Add at a rate of 5mL/L of nutrient solution
2. Soak propagation plugs in the solution for 15 minutes
3. Water this solution into your propagation plugs once per week until your plants are ready to repot

Root Feed

1. Add at a rate of 0.2mL/L to your reservoir or watering can
2. Use throughout vegetative growth and for the first three weeks of the flowering cycle

Foliar Spray

1. Add at a rate of 5ml per litre
2. Spray on un-rooted cuttings and on new transplants.

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  • can i use Katana Roots in coco? and at what stage should i use it?

    You can use Katana Roots in coco, soil ,& hydroponic systems. It is best used from cutting & seedling stage all the way through to week 3 of flowering.