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Biobizz Grow & Bloom

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Biobizz Grow & Biobizz Bloom

Drive growth organically with Biobizz Nutrients. They work with the microbes in your media.

The BioBizz range has a total of 7 organic certifications worldwide.

Biobizz Bio-Grow

It’s a concentrated carbohydrate - the source of Biobizz’s sweet signature taste.

It’s derived from 100% Dutch organic sugar beet extract (mostly molasses).

All those natural sugars feed the beneficial bacteria in your rootzone, from start to flush. They also enhance taste & aroma in flowering - for best results, continue using Grow throughout Bloom.

To further power growth & photosynthesis, Bio-Grow is packed with Nitrogen, Potassium & Betaine.

  • Nourishes beneficial bacterial flora in media
  • Improves taste & aroma in flowering
  • Vitamin rich with 70+ trace elements
  • Enhances photosynthesis & growth (high in Nitrogen, potassium & Betaine)
  • NPK: 4-3-6

Biobizz Bio-Bloom

Accelerate ripening & get extra flowering sites - use Bio-Bloom alongside Bio-Grow in flowering.

It’s a unique blend of vegetable extracts, algae, enzymes & plant-based hormones that really promotes flowering. It’s so rich in Phosphorus & Potassium that you can use it as a PK booster.

Biobizz Bio-Bloom has been proven to significantly boost the number of flowering sites and improve fruit & flower formation

  • Get extra flowering sites
  • Improves fruit & flower formation
  • Accelerates ripening
  • Acts as strong PK booster (rich in Potassium & Phosphorus)
  • Lasts in tank 2 -3 days
  • NPK: 2-7-4


Biobizz has 6 different organic certifications worldwide!

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Questions & Answers

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  • Can Biobizz nutrients be used in hydroponics? DWC?

    We would not advise using Bio-Bizz or any other organic nutrient in a hydro or DWC system, as they are quite thick liquids, & can block the pumps & irrigation pipework. I’d go for the Vita Link Max nutrients for hydro or DWC systems.

  • can you use this in coco?

    We would not advise using Bio-Bizz nutrients in coco. As Bio-Bizz is an organic nutrient, it needs to be broken down by microbes in the soil into a form that the plants can easily uptake. You can use any coco specific nutrient for coco systems.

  • Can TOP MAX be used along with BIO BLOOM in flowering stage? is it going to increase My Yields??

    You can use BioBizz Topmax in conjunction with Bio Bizz Bloom at 2-4 ml per litre. It is designed to increase flower & fruit production when used alongside your bloom nutrient. You can also use Canna Bio Boost at the same dosage to further increase flower & fruit production.

  • can TopMax be used as a foliar feed if say diluted to 1ml per 2ltrs?

    We would not recommend using TopMax as a foliar feed, it is most effective if added to your nutrient solution alongside your bloom nutrient.