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SHOGUN Dragon Force

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SHOGUN Dragon Force

Ready for the final thrust? Squeeze every last bit of growth out of your cycle with SHOGUN Dragon Force

Bulk up your bloom during your final 2 weeks of flowering with SHOGUN Dragon Force.

It ramps up ripening and fuels flowering at a time when growth normally starts to slow!

Use it to drive photosynthesis – Dragon Force is jam packed with magnesium! It's full of sulphur, too for essential oil production.

It’s the push plants need to force out riper fruits, heavier yields and more essential oils!

Replaces bloom nutrients & PK (phosphorus and potassium) additives
• Use during 2nd to last week of flowering
Push growth to the max
• Rapidly increase the size & weight of fruit
Enhance the taste, aroma & ripeness of fruit
• Boost essential oil production (contains sulphur)
Drive photosynthesis (magnesium)
• Get bigger, heavier yields
• Great for all growing media & all growing systems

SHOGUN Dragon Force is like no other formula you’ve ever tried before. It packs some punch, with the right ratios of all the nutes your plants need for one last push.

Try it now – you’ll marvel at the results.

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  • do i carry on using sumo boost and pk warrior with dragon force

    SHOGUN Dragonforce is a used in the last 2 weeks of feeding in place of your nutrients & boosters, you can still use SHOGUN Sumo Boost with it, but you should stop using your base nutrients, & the SHOGUN PK Warrior 9/18.

  • Hi, can shogun dragon force be used if i already use vita link nutrients

    You can use SHOGUN Dragon Force after using Vita Link nutrients. Dragon Force is a complete replacement for your nutrients & boosters for the last 2 weeks of feeding, you would flush in your final week as normal.

  • It says the last 2 weeks before harvest.. What about flushing?

    You would use the SHODUN Dragonforce for the last 2 weeks of your feeding schedule, then flush in your final week as normal.

  • Can you just use all of the SHOGUN feeds and thats it or do you need more ?

    The Shogun range are boosters & additives designed to be used alongside a base nutrient such as Vita Link Max