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Ecothrive Neutralise

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Eliminate Chlorine with Ecothrive Neutralise

Dechlorinate tap water instantly with Ecothrive Neutralise.

It stops chlorine & chloramine from harming beneficial biology in soil & additives.

The active ingredient is vitamin C. It reduces chlorine compounds to chloride, which is harmless to microbes.

1 drop per Litre is all you need to protect bacteria, enzymes, proteins & other living microorganisms. If using organic additives & media, it’s a must!

  • Instantly treats chlorine and chloramine
  • Active ingredient is just vitamin C
  • Produces chloride as a by-product (harmless plant micronutrient)
  • Protects microorganisms (e.g. bacteria, enzymes, proteins)
  • Allows microbial life to thrive
  • Must have for organic growers
  • 1 drop per Litre or 1ml per 20 Litres

Use it before mixing organic additives into your media (like Ecothrive Biosys & Charge). It can be used with soil, coco and hydro systems.

How Does It Work?

All UK tap water contains chlorine and chloramine. Chlorine is a strong disinfectant. Chloramine is a more stable version of chlorine - and – it’s far more effective at killing bacteria.

This is great when you’re just drinking your water. But it becomes a problem when you’re watering plants.

Unless you remove it, the chloride and chloramine in water will kill the beneficial biology in your media or additives. They oxidise enzymes, proteins, bacteria and other living microorganisms.

Now you can remove it instantly with Ecothrive Neutralise. It contains vitamin C to oxidise the chlorine & chloramine. Chlorine compounds are instantly reduced to chloride, which is harmless to microbes. It’s actually a micronutrient that plants need (at very low levels).

One drop per Litre or 1ml per 20 Litres is all you need.

How To Use

Fill your container or tank with water and add 1 drop of Ecothrive Neutralise for every litre in your tank or 1ml per 20 Litres.

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