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Jiffy Propagating Plugs

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Jiffy Rooting Plugs for Cuttings and Seedlings

Jiffy Plugs are used around the world as an organic alternative to Rockwool Cuttings Seed Cubes. Made entirely from compressed peat, simply add water to these 38mm compressed plugs and watch them swell up ready for your cuttings or seedlings. Providing enough nutrients to get your young plants going, Jiffy Plugs are a fantastic rooting medium that are extremely easy to use.

We advise that you pre-soak your jiffy plugs in a combination of SHOGUN Start and SHOGUN Katana Roots although other products such as Ecothrive Biosys are also a great choice. It is essential that you don't over saturate your plugs - a waterlogged plug will not get a favourable result. For that reason, after rehydrating, you should gently squeeze the plug to remove excess moisture - the plug should be damp but not dripping for best results. be very gentle when squeezing these plugs though - if you are too rough, the plug could be damaged and will not perform.

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  • I want to grow chillis from seed in these but then want to transfer into coco pro can this be done or can i put seeds direct into coco and water with canna coco a and b?

    We would advise starting the seeds off in either jiffy propagating plugs, or root riot cubes, using either Vita Link Plant Start, or Canna Vega Start as your seedling feed, & Canna Rhizotonic, which will speed up the rooting process.

  • can u transfer these pellets straight into soil when roots come through?

    You can transplant the Jiffy Propagating Plugs straight into soil once the roots are out.

  • Are these good to use with seeds to germinate or just when they are seedlings to transplant them?

    You can Use Jiffy Propagating Plugs with either seeds or cuttings.

  • in regards to using with cuttings, is it useful to presoak for a day or so (with no extra nutes) or just swell them up and go straight off? Thanks

    We would advise pre-soaking Jiffy plugs for around twenty minutes prior to use.

  • can u just put the seeds right in to them

    You would need to soak the plugs in water first, so they expand to their full size, then put the seed in the hole at the top of the plug & cover it over.