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Cultiwoool Rockwool Cutting Seed Cubes

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Cultiwoool Cubes — Great for Cuttings and Seedlings

Give cuttings and seedlings the best chance at survival - grow in Cultiwool Rockwool Cutting Seed Cubes.

Rockwool is airy and holds onto water - just what you need for strong root formation.

  • Rich root growth - airy media that holds water Inert - no nutritional content
  • Clean, sterile & disease free- ideal for delicate cuttings & seedlings
  • Box of 77 (36mm) or 150 (25mm)
  • Dimensions: 3.6cm x 2.6cm x 4cm or 2.5cm x 2.5cm x 4cm (L x W x H)

There are no harmful bacteria or contaminants to stunt root development. With no nutritional content in these blocks, you have complete control. All plants get the same gentle formula you feed with, ensuring uniform and even growth.

RHP certified - highest category for wetting up

Cultiwool stonewool holds the highest level of RHP certification for the initial pre-soak. With such a high ability to uptake and spread water, you get an even spread of nutrient solution throughout.

Overall, growth is incredibly uniform and you get a dense root ball that utilises your entire block.

Robust - holds its structure

Rockwool is known for holding its structure. You can saturate it and re-saturate it without it damaging the structure. It’s great in hydro - you don’t need to worry about bits of media clogging your systems.

No nutrient lockout

Unlike other medias, you won’t get nutrient lockout in rockwool. Any nutrients and water you dose with are available for uptake and take immediate effect.

Clean & Sterile

These rockwool cubes are known for being clean, sterile and free of diseases. Ideal rooting environment Rockwool is known for holding lots of water and for having a porous structure that holds air. This is the ideal environment for rich rooting.

Inert - complete control

Cultiwool rockwool has no nutritional content - it is completely inert. This gives you complete control over your feeding programme. Fight algae growth To improve water flow beneath the block, there are drainage grooves. These, along with the black and white foil prevent algae growth.

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