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Eazy Plug Organic Propagation Cubes

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Eazy Plug Organic Rooting Cubes

Utilising mostly organic materials and a special way of bonding that remains firm to protect roots during transplanting, Eazy Plug Propagation Cubes prove to be extremely effective for raising cuttings and seedlings whilst having little-to-no impact on the environment!

  • Promote strong and fast root growth in cuttings and seedlings
  • Highly versatile product that can be transplanted into soil, coco and hydro substrates
  • Remain firmly bonded when transplanting to reduce the risk of root damage
  • Simple to use and very forgiving
  • Stay hydrated long after water has been drained away
  • Include enough basic feed for the first 2-3 weeks of growth
  • Work with rooting boosters and soft formulation nutrients
  • Consist of mostly organic materials that are 100% compostable
  • Supplied in a dry form for clean and lightweight transport and storage
  • Part of a full range that includes transplanting blocks and flood & drain systems

Highly Versatile

Although designed for use as part of a full start-to-finish range of Easy Plug products that includes transplanting blocks and flood & drain systems, these excellent alternatives to rockwool cubes and small pots of soil will suit many of the most popular growing methods (the major exception being aeroponics). To give an example, you can transplant them straight into rockwool blocks destined for a bubbler system and get great results!

Easy To Use And Very Forgiving

Eazy Plug Propagation Cubes retain more water than soil but still drain well, include enough basic feed for the first 2-3 weeks of growth and have an optimal pH and EC value that remains stable at all times, making them easy to work with and very forgiving (e.g. they’re unlikely to dry out or be overwatered). If you want to add rooting boosters and soft formulation nutrients right from the outset, this isn’t a problem either because the buffering properties of the media will prevent over-fertilisation.

Clever, Environmentally Friendly Design

So what do Eazy Plug Propagation Cubes actually contain? Well, you can expect to find perlite, a mixture of peat, coco fibre, fertiliser and a few other components – an almost entirely organic profile that makes them 100% compostable! They’re supplied in a dry form too, for clean and lightweight transport and storage, as well as reduced risk of moulds.

Good For Your Plants

The optimal conditions created by Eazy Plug Propagation Cubes lead to your young plants growing strong and fast, with roots taking less time to develop than in soil!


Eazy Plug Full Cycle

Step 1 - Eazy Plug Organic Propagation Cubes

Step 2 - Eazy Block Organic Transplanting Cubes

Step 3 - Eazy Pyramid / Eazy Plug Flood and Drain System

How To Use

The Tech

Eazy Plug Cycle Step 1
Model Square Plug
Air-to-water ratio 20-80
Size moist 3.5cm x 3.5cm x 3.0cm
EC 1.0 *
pH 5.8 *
Volume 0.035L
Weight dried 3g

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  • What are the dimensions of the 77x Eazy Plug tray? I need to work out if I can use my existing drainage trays and domes.

    The Eazy Plug Organic Progagation Cubes x77 tray is 51 x 29 x 4cms in size.