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Eazy Plug Flood And Drain System

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Providing a fully sustainable, start-to-finish growing solution, the remarkable Eazy Plug product range centres around a unique organic propagation and growing media originating from Holland! By moving plants in Eazy Block Transplanting Cubes into an Eazy Plug Flood & Drain Pyramid System for the main stages of growth, you’ll continue to enjoy the benefits of air pruning, only now combined with the rapid speed and ultra-efficiency of hydroponics!   

  • Created with healthy plants and huge yields in mind
  • Highly oxygenated root zone thanks to continuous feeding and air pruning
  • Greater levels of control – feed plants little and often
  • Increased efficiency – use less nutrient and reduce crop cycle times
  • 100% compostable Eazy Plug material is disposable without leaving a footprint
  • Large root surface area of the one-of-a-kind Eazy Pyramids aid nutrient uptake
  • Low-level setup maximises available headspace for plants
  • Self-contained system – no liquid leaks and no light penetration
  • Tough and durable plastic to handle the increased weight from plants and solution
  • Top tray design ensures optimum feeding whilst preventing plant saturation

Sensational Performance From Roots

The continuous flooding and draining of these systems along with the air pruning action of the Eazy Pyramids combine to produce an incredibly oxygenated root environment! Being virtually free of restrictions (e.g. no pots or sleeves) and able to continue developing at a tremendous rate, the roots can then support substantial overall growth from your plants – leading to improved health and far bigger yields!

Greater Control, Greater Efficiency

Make the most of every drop of nutrient with an Eazy Plug System, scheduling feeds little and often (separate timer required) and adapting them when necessary to suit different stages of the life cycle. The Eazy Pyramids – which are equivalent to 13.5L pots – will uptake solutions in a speedy manner and have impressive water holding capabilities, giving plants access to what they need long after each flood cycle. Consequently, less nutrient tends to be used (up to 20%!) and crop cycle times also typically fall (up to 3 weeks!).

Clean, Sustainable Growing With Organic Materials

Eazy Pyramids, Eazy Block Transplanting Cubes and Eazy Plug Propagation Cubes contain perlite, a mixture of peat, coco fibre, fertiliser and a few other components – an almost entirely organic arrangement that’s 100% compostable! They’re supplied with optimal buffered pH and EC values, and in a completely dry condition for clean and lightweight transport and storage, as well as reduced risk of moulds.

Easy To Use And Incredibly Effective

Ok, how does an Eazy Plug System work? Very easily and effectively! Eazy Pyramids sit on the top tray, in the predetermined locations, with your plants on or inside them depending on the chosen propagation method. A nutrient reservoir will then flood the top tray above it at selected times and for a defined period when triggered to do so by a timer (sold separately). Each of the Eazy Pyramids acts as a wick, drawing up nutrient solution into the root zone for your plants to access. After the flooding cycle has ended according to your settings, the nutrient solution drains back into the reservoir where it remixes with the remaining feed. From here, the same process continues over and over again… Simple, but brilliant!


Eazy Plug 4-Plant System: 80cm x 80cm x 28cm (height)

Eazy Plug 9-Plant System: 100cm x 100cm x 28cm (height) 

How It Works

Eazy Plug Flood And Drain System - How it Works - PlanterEazy Plug Flood And Drain System - How it Works - Planter
Eazy Plug Flood And Drain System - How it Works PumpEazy Plug Flood And Drain System - How it Works Pump
Eazy Plug Flood And Drain System - How it Works - FeedingEazy Plug Flood And Drain System - How it Works - Feeding
Eazy Plug Flood And Drain System - How it Works - Between FeedsEazy Plug Flood And Drain System - How it Works - Between Feeds

Eazy Plug Full Cycle

Eazy Plug Full CycleEazy Plug Full Cycle

Step 1 - Eazy Plug Organic Propagation Cubes

Step 2 - Eazy Block Organic Transplanting Cubes

Step 3 - Eazy Pyramid / Eazy Plug Flood and Drain System

How To Use

The Tech

Eazy Pyramid
Eazy Plug Cycle  Step 3
Model pyramid
Air-to-water ratio 20-80
Size moist 25cm x 25cm x 15cm
EC 1.0 *
pH 5.8 *
Volume 4.5L
Weight dried 0.5kg
Weight moist 3.6kg 


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