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Oxypot Single Plant DWC System

Ready for extreme growth, monster yields & mighty roots? There’s only one pot you want - the Oxypot. Everyone’s raving about them!

  • 19L Oxypot - 34 x 34 x 38 (W x L x H)
  • Extreme rooting & growth
  • Unlimited access to oxygen & nutrients

How It Works

Plants grow in a mesh pot filled with clay pebbles. Roots grow out of the mesh pot, straight into an oxygen rich nutrient solution.

This gives them a constant, unlimited supply of nutrients and plenty of oxygen.

Deep Water Culture Diagram

Extreme Growth

Plants have unlimited access to nutrients and oxygen to speed up nutrient uptake & growth.

Big, Healthy Roots

Root growth is unrestricted by media, and supported by oxygen. Best of all, nasty root diseases can't survive where there's high oxygen.

Maximum Growing Space

Why are Oxypots square? To give you more space for roots!

Nutrient Level Indicator

To protect it from knocks, the indicator pipe sits in an in-built groove.

No Leaks

Pots are crack-resistant and connections are secure.

No Risk Of Contamination

Nutrient solution stays in one pot, so problems can't spread.

Low Media Waste

The only media you use is clay pebbles.

Airstone, Air Pump & Air Pipe Included

All you need is media (clay pebbles), transplanting cubes (Grodan rockwool block) and mineral nutrients (SHOGUN).

You Get

You can start growing from day one:

1 x Oxypot:

  • 1 x Oxypot Growing System (Base, Lid, Cap, 125mm Net Pot, Swivel Elbow and Water Level Observation Tube)
  • 1 x Budget Air Pump (Single Outlet - 1.6 Litres/minute)
  • 1 x 50mm Blue Golf Ball Air Stone + 1.5m of Air Line

    Top Tip

    Keep your system sterile with Silver Bullet Roots. It kills 99.99% of root diseases and stays active in tanks for 5 weeks!

    If you already use Oxy-Plus 11.9%, switch to Silver Bullet and you’ll save 55%.

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    • Looking at buying the Oxypot (maybe 2x) for my Budbox 75x 75x 200 tent. I know I could fit one in there but would two be alright? or too much??

      You could fit two IWS Oxpots into your Budbox 75x 75x 200 grow tent, however you would have very limited space between the walls & the Oxpots. You would then find that your plants would grow into eachother as the expand and this would limit your plants growing space. We recommend that you grow just one IWS Oxpot plant at a time, in a tent of this size.

    • I want to use this system for the vegetative stage of growing to establish a strong root mass before transplanting my plants to soil, is it easy to remove the root mass through the net pot hole for transplanting or is it not possible, my vegetative stage would run 6 - 8 weeks? Thanks

      It would be difficult to transplant an established plant into soil at the end of the veg stage without damaging the roots. The X-Stream Aeroponic propagators would be the best way to establish a strong root system before potting the plants on for the rest of the vegetative phase. The Rhizopots will encourage the plants to develop a large, healthy root system as they eliminate root circling.

    • hi would growing one plant in the centre of the four pot system be the same as the single pot or will it produce a bigger plant and yield.thanks

      You would generally get a bigger plant in the 4 pot system as the roots have more space to develop in the larger tank.

    • Hi, what size tent would comfortably house the 4 pot system? Many thanks

      We would advise using the XL BudBox Grow Tent for a 4 pot IWS Oxyot system.

    • I wish to turn the 4 pot package into a 4 pit bubbler system with reservoir and feeder you sell the items for me to do this? Also do you provide plans like you have for the 1 pot set up?

      It would be possible to do this using parts from the IWS Bubbler systems. The technical team will be able to talk you through what you need to get. They can be contacted.

    • Hi, Could you please tell me what size (in ltrs) the buckets that come with the IWS Oxypots are? Many thanks.

      The IWS Oxypot systems have a maximum capacity of 19 litres.

    • Apart from rockwool, seedling, nutrients and stuff, would this be able to hold the plant till harvest? and I assume it's re-usable? :)

      The IWS Oxy Pot will allow you to grow plants to maturity. I would advise using some form of plant support when the plant gets bigger. You could use eitherYo-yos, or crop support netting. The Oxy Pot is reuseable, I would recommend giving the unit a thorough clean with a solution of Oxy-plus between crops, & also replace the airstone.

    • What nutrients do you recommend to use with these systems in different stages? Seedlings, veg , bloom

      I would go with Vita Link Plant Start for cutting & seedling stage, then Vita Link Max Grow & Bloom for the veg & flowering phases.

    • my question s regarding the 8 pot Oxypot kit. does each pot have its own individual pump?

      The 8 plant IWS Oxypot kit is supplied with 2 4 outlet air pumps, you would use 1 airstone in each Oxypot.

    • Won't the roots rot due to the roots just sitting in the water?

      As the air pump is running 24 hours a day, the nutrient solution is very rich in oxygen, which will help stop the roots from suffering. Many people also use products such as Root Rot Stop to help prevent root problems.

    • hiya my question is regarding the 1 pot oxy pot, when you change the water in the pot how would i go about doing this?

      We would recommend changing the nutrient solution every week, the easiest way to do it is to use a pump and a length of tubing. There is an inspection hatch on the lid of the Oxy Pot, which will allow you to get a tube into the nutrient to drain it.

    • are these any good for a mother plant.

      We would recommend the Aquafarm or Waterfarm for a mother plant.

    • Hi there what is the dimensions of the pots? Many thanks Dave

      These are 33cm high, 32cm across.