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ALIEN RDWC Pro Silver System

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ALIEN RDWC Pro Silver System

Get record yields with an ALIEN RDWC System.

It’s a classic recirculating DWC system with ground-breaking tech. It’ll really ramp up rooting, veg growth, nutrient uptake & yield.

  • Recirculating system (feed is recirculated around pots)
  • Extreme growth & yield
  • Unlimited access to nutrients & water

Please note: This item is purchased to order which may cause slight additional lead times for delivery and local collection.

Super-oxygenated rootzones

The unique, quiet JET-STREAM air rings deliver oxygen to each pot, and the recirculating action further aerates your nutrient solution.

Veg 4 plants in 1 pot

Use the 4 hole lid to veg up to 4 plants in one pot before moving to a flowering room. These lids will take the weight of 2 fully grown plants.

No blockages or build ups

Nutrient solution is free-flowing with the 50mm pipe. There’s also a water filter to remove debris & organic build ups.

Elevated airlines

To keep your floor space clear, airlines are elevated off the floor using heavy-duty clips.

Highly reflective, silver pots

To help keep your nutrient solution cool, pots, lids and pipes are made from a highly reflective, silver polymer.

Easy & secure installation

Your ALIEN RDWC Ststem’s fittings are threaded and secured with rubber washers and nuts. This makes system installation easier and more secure. It's easy for you to add a nutrient chiller, your system comes with is pre-fitted with attachments needed to secure a nutrient chiller.

Quiet recirculation

There’s a silent recirculation pump included.


Like in a DWC system, exposed plant roots grow straight into a nutrient & oxygen-rich solution. There are no timed feeds - instead, plants have constant and unlimited access to nutrients, water & oxygen. Root growth & uptake are completely unrestricted by media.

As an added benefit, this is a recirculating DWC system (feed is circulated round pots). This constant mixing helps to keep your nutrient strength, temperature & pH stable, while further oxygenating your feed.

Overall, you get record yields and shorter grow times.

Extreme Growth

Plants have unlimited access to nutrients and oxygen to speed up nutrient uptake & growth.

Big, Healthy Roots

Root growth is unrestricted by media, and supported by oxygen. Best of all, nasty root diseases can't survive where there's high oxygen.

Low Media Waste

The only media you use is clay pebbles.

Stable pH, temperature & nutrient strength

You have a bigger body of water so any fluctuations don’t matter as much. On top of this, feed is constantly mixed helping to keep levels stable.

Much higher oxygen content

Extra air in your nutrient solution thanks to the fast recirculating action.

Easy to manage

you manage your nutrient from a single point

Uniform growth

Plants get even nutrient profile, pH, EC & light exposure

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