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NFT Gro-Tanks

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Classic, Low-Profile Hydroponic Grow System

Get epic roots & giant yields in a shorter growing cycle! All you need is an NFT Gro-Tank!

Your yields will be up to 3 x bigger than if you grew in a pot!

It’s cheap & easy to manage each system - they run 24/7 & minimal growing media is needed.

You’ll save tons of headroom, too – NFT Gro-Tanks are just 20cm high! If you haven’t got the height for bubblers, an NFT Gro-Tank’s great!

They’ve been a bestseller since 1994 and are still going strong – that’s how good they are. Find out what all the fuss is about - try one today!

Easy to manage - systems run 24/7 without a timer or controls!
Yields up to 3x bigger than plants grown in pots!
Unrestricted growth – roots have a constant oxygen & nutrient supply
Compactspace saving – ideal for low heights!
Giant roots in record time!
Low waste! Recirculates nutrient solution – minimal growing media to throw away
• Efficient! Shorter growing cycle!

What’s NFT?

NFT is for Nutrient Film Technique!

A shallow stream of nutrient solution is constantly pumped past bare plant roots.

Roots get almost unrestricted access to oxygen, water & nutrients. You know what that means? Yes! Epic roots, huge yields & a shorter growing cycle!

NFT systems are easy to manage - systems run 24/7 without a timer or controls.

It’s no wonder that commercial growers worldwide use NFT!

We recommend

Don’t forget to buy transplanting cubes, cutting seed cubes, your nutrients (we recommend using Shogun Samurai) & a pH test kit.

It’s worth buying a spare Correx cover & spare pump too.

Keep your system sterile with Silver Bullet Roots. It kills 99.99% of root diseases and stays active in tanks for 5 weeks! If you already use Oxy-Plus 11.9%, switch to Silver Bullet and you’ll save 55%.

Want more tips? Take a look at our latest NFT post!

Questions & Answers

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  • How easy is it to change the water/nutrient solution ? Does this become more difficult as the plants mature ?

    These systems feature a nutrient inspection area at the end of the tanks. The easiest way to change the nutrients is to use another pump, & a length of tubing to drain the tank.

  • Do you run the nft 24/7 or do you have the pump on a timer so the roots dont get saturated

    You would run the pump 24/7 in an NFT system. As the roots are exposed in this system, they need a constant source of moisture.

  • nft gro tank, want to use a tent as part of my set-up but want to use say a 120*120 tent so need to know what size tank

    You could use either the Gro-Tank 1000, or 2 x NFT Gro-tank 424 in a 1.2 x 1.2m tent.

  • Can I use this all the way up until harvest? Will the roots clog anything up?

    The NFT Gro-tanks are designed to allow you to grow plants to maturity, the roots should not clog up the pump.

  • How many normal sized plants can you fit in the nft grow tank 1000

    You could fit 9 large plants, or up to 25 smaller plants into the GT1000 system.

  • Hi what's the lowest height you could hang a 600w light from with a shield that would not harm the plants as I have restricted height For the NFT 205 GTI

    I would say that the lowest that you could have your light would be 70cm from the top of the canopy, when the plants are mature. For earlier stages of growth, I would recommend having the light around 140cm away.

  • do u have the pump on 24/7 or 4-6 25mins intervals,how many plants can a gt205 take

    You need to run the pump 24/7 in an NFT system, you can fit 2-4 plants in the NFT 205 GTi .

  • can you use clay pebbles with this system?

    We would recommend just using the rockwool blocks for this system, as clay pebbles would restrict the run of the nutrient.

  • What sort of root mass can be accommodated? Would 6 large plants be fine in the 604, or would there be a danger of blocking/clogging sprays? Also, is it whisper quiet, or is the noise that of a standard pump? Thanks!

    The NFT 604 Gro tank will comfortably accomodate 6 large plants, we would recommend using a product such as Cannazym to maintain a healthy root system. The pump in the tank is very quiet, we would recommend using a slightly longer length of spreader mat going into the reservoir from the top tray to minimise noise.

  • is there a correx cover supplied with the nft gro-tank 404?,,,thanks:)

    The 424 Gro-tank comes with the tank, top tray, pump, delivery tube, & correx. These are all available as spares also.