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AquaFarm Grow System

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AquaFarm and WaterFarm Grow Systems

AquaFarms and WaterFarms are known to produce lighting fast growth rates and huge plants, which is largely down to the highly oxygen-rich environment that they generate.

  • Easy to use and set up — very simple, two-part construction
  • Produces a super-oxygenated root environment — for incredible root growth
  • Easy reservoir and root access
  • UV & light shielded to protect roots
  • Low power usage

Instead of relying on a water pump to do the hard work, an air pump pushes nutrient solution up to the drip ring using the 'Venturi' method.

The heavily oxygenated solution lays the groundwork for explosive root development. Roots really do go mad in these systems, so be prepared to see rapid growth rates in the top half of the plant, too. Get your plant support ready because you'll need it!

Many growers like to modify these grow systems by adding in an extra air pump and air stone. This air stone is placed at the bottom of the unit to oxygenate the reservoir. This encourages roots to grow down into the reservoir, making even more efficient use of the system. It's not uncommon for growers to drill extra holes into the top section to facilitate this process. The end-result something closer to a dripper / DWC hybrid.

Please note: the Aquafarm does not come with a pump, so you'll need to buy one separately. We recommend the Hailea ACO-9601 single outlet air pump. The WaterFarm, however, does come with an air pump.

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