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AutoPot AV5 Systems

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AutoPot AV5 — Bigger Pipe and Better Performance

Please note: 12, 16, 24, 36, 48, 60, 72, 80 & 100 Pot systems have to be ordered in, so delivery can take up to 7 days.

AutoPot Systems AV5 now come with bigger pipework and more effective AquaValve

Want to cut costs, save time and get huge yields? You can do all 3! Ask anyone who’s got an AutoPot System.

There’s nothing to plug in or program, not even a timer – setting one of these up is a breeze. Each system runs silently too, since there’s no noisy pump.

  • Low cost - no power needed (gravity fed!)
  • Quiet - no noisy pump
  • Expandable - pots are modular
  • 15L pot capacity
  • Bigger pipework (from 4mm inner diameter to 6mm)
  • AV5 Systems now with more effective AquaValve
  • Some sizes are ordered in on demand — contact us for details

You’ll find yours easy to manage & simple to maintain. Your system will mostly take care of itself - the clue’s in the name (AutoPot!).

Talk about flexible - expand your system as much as you like – just keep adding pots. You can go big – really big – Brill View Farm filled their greenhouse with them!

Money Saving

No energy is needed - there are no pumps or timers. Instead, these systems use gravity, which is free!


There's no pump to make noise - plants are fed passively. The of the parts make any noise

Easy To Use

The AQUAvalve detects when plants have used their feed. At this point, the pots refill. The only thing for you to do is top up your tank!


Pots are modular. Even part way through a crop, you can move pots about and expand your systems.


Go as big as you like! You just keep adding pots (AutoPot Extension Kits available).

Water Efficient

Zero water is wasted! Plants use what they're fed, and they're only fed when it's needed. This makes AutoPot Systems one of the most economical systems out there.


Set these systems up anywhere! You don't need a power supply. It also removes the worry of power cuts!


Plants have unrestricted access to nutrients and water. They use what they need and are fed when they need it. Overall, you can expect a BIG yield.

How It Works

Plant pots sit on bottom trays.

Due to gravity, feed flows from your tank, towards your these bottom tray.

Each tray contains an AQUAvalve. When trays are empty, the AQUAvalve allows them to fill with 20cm of nutrient solution, for your plants to use. Then,. 30 - 60mins after plants have emptied these trays, your AQUAvalve will allow pots to refill.

Your plants control their own feed - your AQUAvalve lets the pot fill, then your plant drain it. All of this mimics a flood & drain cycle without using a pump!

Sizing Up

All pots have a 15L capacity.

Space Needed
Minimum Recommended
4 Pot 100cm x 100cm 120cm x 120cm
8 Pot 150cm x 150cm 120cm x 240cm
12 Pot 120cm x 240cm 200cm x 200cm
16 Pot 200cm x 200cm 240cm x 240cm
24 Pot 240cm x 240cm 240cm x 360cm
36 Pot
200cm x 300cm 360cm x 360cm
48 Pot 240cm x 360cm 360cm x 600cm
60 Pot
360cm x 600cm 500cm x 800cm
72 Pot 480cm x 500cm 600cm x 700cm
80 Pot 600cm x 480cm 800cm x 700cm
100 Pot 600cm x 600cm 800cm x 800cm

Media Calculator
Litres Needed Number of Bags Needed
4 Pot 60 Litres 2 x 50L Coco | 70/30 | 60/40 | Soil
8 Pot 120 Litres 3 x 50L Coco | 70/30 | 60/40 | Soil
12 Pot 180 Litres 4 x 50L Coco | 70/30 | 60/40 | Soil
16 Pot 240 Litres 5 x 50L Coco | 70/30 | 60/40 | Soil
24 Pot 360 Litres 8 x 50L Coco | 70/30 | 60/40 | Soil
36 Pot
540 Litres 11 x 50L Coco | 70/30 | 60/40 | Soil
48 Pot 720 Litres 15 x 50L Coco | 70/30 | 60/40 | Soil
60 Pot
900 Litres 18 x 50L Coco | 70/30 | 60/40 | Soil
72 Pot 1080 Litres 22 x 50L Coco | 70/30 | 60/40 | Soil
80 Pot 1200 Litres 24 x 50L Coco | 70/30 | 60/40 | Soil
100 Pot 1500 Litres 30 x 50L Coco | 70/30 | 60/40 | Soil

How to Use

Complete instructions are supplied with your kit. We'll show you how to:

  • Choose your layout
  • Set up the tank
  • Set up the pots
  • Connect the tank to the pots
  • Move plants into the AutoPot AV5 System
  • Get the system started

We Recommend

  • Keep your system sterile with Silver Bullet Roots. It kills 99.99% of root diseases and stays active in tanks for 5 weeks!

  • Only use mineral based nutrient solutions – anything that’s thick, gloopy or contains organic ingredients can block your pipes. You’re sure to be safe with SHOGUN Samurai Terra Nutrients (soil) and SHOGUN Samurai Coco Nutrients (coco).

  • Mix perlite or clay pebbles (50%) with coco, soil or rockwool (50%) as your growing media.

  • Always put a 1 – 1.5” layer of washed gravel or clay pebbles at the bottom of each pot.

  • Keep your tank topped up to maintain optimum efficiency. Introduce more feed as soon as the tank goes below 1/3 full.

  • Make sure that you hand water plants for around 10 – 14 days before switching your system on.

  • Flush your system every fortnight to keep pipes clear

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