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IWS AutoDrain Run-to-Waste Systems

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Remove Run-Off the Easy Way with an IWS AutoDrain

Take the strain out of water drain with the IWS AutoDrain. It’s simple and effective, and saves you lots of time and effort.

  • Removes excess run-off — much easier than emptying saucers
  • Choose from standard (13mm internal) or pro (25mm internal) flexi pipe
  • Different tray sizes available: standard or large
  • Saves lots of time and effort — great for larger rooms
  • Can be upgraded to include dripper functionality
  • Built with high-grade, crack-resistant plastic
  • Available in a number of different pot sizes
  • A product of years of testing and research by the team at IWS

We Recommend

  • Use our bestselling RhizoPots with your system

They’re unique fabric pots that will naturally prune your roots and improve overall growth. They really are the best ones to buy.

The Science

What's Run-off?

After watering your plants, you’ll notice that some of the feed gathers underneath your pots.

This is called ‘run-off’.

Without run-off, salts, minerals and nutrients accumulate in your pot:

• It’s toxic to your plant
• Plants no longer get the right nutrients
• Plant growth is poor

To flush out nutrients and salts that would otherwise have gathered in your pot, aim for a 20 – 30% run-off. Any more than this is just wasteful.

Why Use An IWS AutoDrain Run-to-Waste System?

All that run off has to go somewhere.

If you leave your plants sitting in it, it gets reabsorbed.

You don’t want this to happen

1. The run-off will have become stagnant and may contain bacteria
- This leads to root problems, poor nutrient absorption and even root rot

2. Your growing media becomes saturated with unoxygenated water
- You end up with lots water, but no oxygen - roots need both.

3. Some nutrients and salt remain your growing media
- When you next feed your plants, the nutrient profile isn’t going to be right.

With an AutoDrain, all run off is removed, so none of this happens.

You can safely achieve the optimum 20 – 30% run-off, without any issues.

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