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Lava-Lite Soil-Restore+

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Over time, soil compaction can become a troublesome issue, leading to reduced air pockets and making clay soils challenging to plant in. This demands continuous management and hours of laborious digging to create an optimal environment for your plants to grow. However, there's a long-term solution: SOIL-RESTORE+.

This 100% natural and pH neutral medium works wonders by instantly improving the soil structure when incorporated into your borders. By providing soil aeration, it enhances drainage and water distribution in heavy clay-based soils, effectively reducing clay compaction. As a result, plant roots can freely explore the soil and access the vital nutrients they need.

With SOIL-RESTORE+, the need for constant backbreaking soil turning is significantly reduced. When combined with fertilizers, it creates a harmonious and nurturing habitat for your plants to thrive.

Embrace SOIL-RESTORE+ as an exceptional soil conditioner and improver, and watch as your garden transforms into a flourishing haven for your beloved plants.

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