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Silver Bullet Mist Spray

Silver Bullet Mist Spray

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Silver Bullet Mist Spray - 500mls

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Silver Bullet Mist Refill - 5 Litre

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For a sterile & disease-free grow room, nothing beats Silver Bullet. It's THE disinfectant to use.

  • Silver ions: break down protective (catylase) barriers & keep H2O2 molecules stable!
  • Hydrogen peroxide: physically destroys bacteria
  • Effective: 100,000x more effective than hydrogen peroxide

Kills 99% of bacteria, fungus, mould & biofilm

It annihilates biofilm, which is normally a breeding ground for bacteria. Even botrytis, powdery mildew, pythium & fusarium are no match for this stuff!.


It’s non-toxic, non-corrosive, chlorine-free. There’s no odour, no colour & no taste to it, just a little fizzing as it gets to work. Use it on any surface and you'll still have one left.


You can use Silver Bullet Mist to sterilise your room, equipment & surfaces between grows or mid-crop


There's no mixing, no dilution - ready to use straight away

Globally Approved

By NASA, HSE, FDA, NATO & more

The Story

Silver bullet was first designed as chlorine alternative.

During development, research papers were stolen twice. Fortunately, the big results weren't written down either time.

Even today, only two people in the world know the exact formulation that's used... and they never travel together, just in case!

You'll come across cheap copies, but no cigar - nothing else is as good.

This stuff will take on algae, viruses, coliforms, spores, protozoa - you name it! All of that, and it's approved by the EPA for human consumption. 

It's used by hospitals, companies and govermenmt organisations across the world. It's even used to clean drinking water in some countries!

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