BioBizz Root Juice

BioBizz Root Juice

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BioBizz Root Juice - 250mls

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A great one for soil growers, especially those using the world famous range of Bio-Bizz products. Applying Bio-Bizz Root Juice to your rooted cuttings stimulates the biological activity around their root zones leading to explosive root growth. It is ideal in soil based systems but can also prove effective for hydroponic applications. Use in the first week after your cuttings have rooted at the dilution rate of 4mls to 1 Litre of water. An OMRI and EKO/SKAL listed organic product.

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We have even heard from growers using Root Juice right the way through the vegetative and flowering cycle who report vastly increased root growth leading to healthier, stronger, better yielding plants as a result. We would suggest that if you were going to experiment with this that you perhaps only apply it weekly and at a rate of 1-2mls per Litre until you can decide what is most effective.

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Can this be used from germination?
You should use Bio Bizz Root Juice from germination for 3 weeks.

Written by Nath | 7 Nov 2014

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