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VitaLink Buddy

VitaLink Buddy

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VitaLink Buddy - 250mls

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VitaLink Buddy - 1 Litre

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VitaLink Buddy - 5 Litre

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VitaLink Buddy is a superior Phosphorous and Potassium based flowering booster that stimulates and promotes an enhanced flowering response from your plants, feeding fruit and flower production for a huge increase in both yield and crop quality. By providing these essential flowering elements in a refined and easily absorbable form, the impact of introducing VitaLink Buddy will quickly become visible in your plants. This product should be used alongside your normal bloom nutrient and will work well with any major nutrient package - particularly VitaLink Hydro Max. Highly recommended for application in all hydroponic systems. Dilution rate: 1ml per litre during the flowering stage.

- Excellent PK additive formulated for use throughout the flowering cycle

- Rich in phosphorus and potassium to fuel fruit and flower development

- Added magnesium and sulphur to support the quality of fruits and flowers

- Increases yields, quality and plant health during flowering

Q & A

Questions and Answers (2)

I am week 3 of flowering and up until now have been using Biobizz Bloom, and Topmax. Can i use this in conjunction with both Bloom and Topmax? or would this be better used as a replacement to Topmax?
You could use the Vita Link Buddy with these nutrients, if you were to do so, we would recommend using it at half strength. You would probably be better off using Vintage Bat Guano, as this is a booster that is designed for use in soil.

Written by Dave | 11 Jan 2012

what is the shelf life of vita link buddy?
Vita Link Buddy is mineral based, if it is kept in a cool dark place, it should be fine.

Written by wayne | 27 Jul 2011