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Nutrients & Boosters


Nutrients & Boosters

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  1. SHOGUN Samurai Coco Nutrients - New sizes available

    SHOGUN Samurai Coco Nutrients

    From £14.41
    You save up to: £2.54
  2. SHOGUN Samurai Terra Nutrients

    SHOGUN Samurai Terra Nutrients

    From £11.86
    You save up to: £2.09
  3. SHOGUN Sumo Active Boost - New sizes available

    SHOGUN Sumo Active Boost

    From £12.71
    You save up to: £2.24
  4. SHOGUN Zenzym 5L

    SHOGUN Zenzym

     From £8.95 £7.61
  5. Canna Boost Accelerator

    Canna Boost Accelerator

     From £49.95 £42.46
  6. BioBizz Bio-Heaven - 500mls

    Biobizz Bio-Heaven

    From £33.11
    You save up to: £5.84
  7. Ecothrive Neutralise

    Ecothrive Neutralise

     From £5.95 £5.06
  8. SHOGUN Start - 5L

    SHOGUN Start

    From £6.33
    You save up to: £1.12
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1-9 of 154

Nutrients & Boosters

We offer a wide choice of advanced nutrients, boosters and additives to provide the vital elements your plants need to grow. Whether you're growing hydroponically, organically or in coco, we have products to suit all plant systems and levels of experience.

Despite the many brands and conflicting opinions on what is the “best” nutrient, our advice to you is to keep on experimenting with our range. Different advanced nutrients work better for different people, but no matter what you choose to use, be rest assured that we only sell products after thoroughly testing them. 

The types of additive with the most visibly immediate impact on your crops will be flowering boosters so if you’re new to indoor growing then that’s always a good place to start after selecting a base nutrient.

Unsure what nutrients you need for your plants? Call our friendly team today for expert advice on 0333 003 22 96.