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150mm (6 inch) DARKSTAR Air Cooled Lighting Systems

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150mm (6 inch) DARKSTAR Air Cooled Lighting Systems


Struggling with temperatures?

Fight heat problems and get a great spread of light with a DARKSTAR Air Cooled Lighting System. During the summer they're a lifesaver!

To keep temperatures down, cold air rushes through the reflector and over the bulb, cooling them both. The reflector's black outer shell helps to shield the lamp and canopy from any invading heat. It works like a charm.

They're ideal if you have a low ceiling tent or just want to boost growth - you can bring your DARKSTAR much closer to your plants - remember, they're air-cooled! 

As for the build, it's incredible...every line and curve was cut to perfection and your reflector's completely airtight for optimum cooling

Light distribution is far, far better than what you get with most air-cooled lights, thanks to your reflector's shape and ultra-reflective interior.

You'll find it easy to check, clean & maintain your reflectors with their sliding glass panel. There’s no reason not to get one!


  • DARKSTAR Reflector + Ballast + Lamp (5m power lead included)
  • Fight heat problems (air-cooled reflector!)
  • Exceptional cooling - completely air tight system
  • Boost growth - bring your light closer to plants - ideal in low ceiling tents
  • Fantastic spread of light & super reflective STUCCO interior
  • Easy to check, clean & maintain with sliding glass panel
  • Black, powder-coated shell deflects heat away from unit and bulb
  • 150mm dimensions: 65cm x 56cm x 25cm (L x W x H)


Which Extractor Fan Do You Need?

You need an extractor fan to push air through your reflector.

Forget the guesswork, get a complete Air Cooled Lighting Extraction Kit – they’ve been created specifically for DARKSTAR reflectors:

If you’d rather build your own kit, use an RVK150A1 fan – don’t forget to buy your ducting too.

If you have more than one light, you will need a more powerful fan. Visit your local store, start a live chat, or call 0333 003 22 96 for more help.


Is It Safe To Connect A DARKSTAR Reflector To An Existing Extraction System?

You can use your existing extraction system with air-cooled lights (if your fan is powerful enough), but we wouldn’t recommend it.

You’ll be using warm, extracted grow room air that has passed through carbon filters and become dusty. Because the air is warm, it won’t cool your bulb or reflector as well. Worse yet, dust from your carbon filter will end up building up on bulbs and reflector glass panels – this will obscure light.

You’re far, far better of using a separate fan to draw in cold, cleaner air (from outside your grow room) through your reflector and then back of out your grow room.


DARKSTAR 150mm Air Cooled Reflector only (5m IEC connection)
(includes – 150mm DARKSTAR reflector only)

600 Watt DARKSTAR 150mm BAY6 Digital Light System
(includes - 600W Lamp + 150mm DARKSTAR Reflector + BAY6 Digital Ballast)

600 Watt DARKSTAR 150mm BAY6 Light System
(includes - 600W Lamp + 150mm DARKSTAR Reflector + BAY6 Magnetic Ballast)

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