RhizoSystem Drip and Drain Systems

RhizoSystem Drip and Drain Systems

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RhizoSystem Lite 4 Pot - Drip & Drain (Standard Size)

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RhizoSystem Lite 8 Pot - Drip & Drain (Standard Size)

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RhizoSystem 16 Pot - Drip & Drain (Standard Size)

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RhizoSystem 24 Pot - Drip & Drain (Standard Size)

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RhizoSystem 36 Pot - Drip & Drain (Standard Size)

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RhizoSystem Lite 4 Pot - Drip & Drain (XL)

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RhizoSystem 8 Pot - Drip & Drain (XL)

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RhizoSystem 12 Pot - Drip & Drain (XL)

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RhizoSystem 16 Pot - Drip & Drain (XL)

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RhizoSystem 24 Pot - Drip & Drain (XL)

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RhizoSystem 36 Pot - Drip & Drain (XL)

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Tired of hand watering plants? Sick of removing the run off?

For precise dosage and drainage, automate it all…try our EXCLUSIVE RhizoSystem Drip and Drain!

Use it to drip feed plants the exact feed needed for prime run off – no more, no less.

To fight root rot, mineral build ups and oversaturation, all run off is removed before it can get reabsorbed.

For EVEN GREATER drainage, you get a RhizoPot with each standbargain!

It’s simple to set up – you can customise it and expand it (up to 48 pots), too!

EXCLUSIVE to GroWell – you can’t buy it anywhere else
• Ideal for reaching optimum 20 – 30% run off
• Automatically removes run off
• Control - drip feed a precise dosage
• Value - RhizoPots included!
Flexiblemodify it or expand it (up to 48 pots)
Efficient and clean - no spillages
• Easy – everything’s fully automated
Reduce the risk of root rot
Prevent mineral build ups – get the right nutrient balance
Stop reabsorption of run off.

Choose your size:

• Standard - For Rhizopots up to 16L
• XL - For Rhizopots up to 39L

Which system will fit into your tent?

 1.2m x 1.2m Tent (W x D): 4 Pot (Standard)
 2.4m x. 1.2m Tent (W x D): 8 Pot (Standard), 4 Pot (XL)
• 2.4m x 2.4m Tent (W x D): 16 Pot (Standard), 8 Pot (XL)
 2.4m x 3.6 Tent (W x D): 24 Pot (Standard), 12 Pot (XL)
 2.4m x 4.8 Tent (W x D): 16 Pot (XL)
 3.6 x 3.6m Tent (W x D): 36 Pot (Standard)
 3.6m x 4.8m Tent (W x D): 48 Pot (Standard), 24 Pot (XL)
• 3.6m x 7.2m Tent (W x D): 36 Pot (XL)

Note: Not recommended for use with liquid silicon products. 

The Science

What’s Run Off?

When you water plants, some of the feed collects beneath your plant pots.

This is ‘run off’


Why you Want Run Off

If there’s no run off, minerals, nutrients and salts are no longer flushed out of your growing media. Instead, they amass in your pot. By removing run off, this won't happen:

• Plants will be growing in better, non-toxic conditions
• Plant growth is uninhibited by poor conditions
• Plants get the right nutrients

To prevent this, aim for a 20 – 30% run off.


How Does a RhizoSystem Affect Run Off?

1. Getting the right run off

The optimum run off is 20 – 30%.

You can set your RhiszoSystem to drip feed your plants at a rate that’ll give you this run off. It’s a very precise way of growing.

2. Removing run off

If you don’t remove run off, it gets reabsorbed. This is harmful to your plants.

• The run off will be stagnant and will likely contain bacteria
• Your growing media becomes saturated with unoxygenated water
• There’ll be too little oxygen and too much water - roots need both.
• Some nutrients and salt accumulate in your growing media
• You get an incorrect nutrient profile
• You’ll experience root problems (even root rot)
Poort nutrient absorption 
Stunted growth

By removing run off with a RhizoSystem, none of this will happen.

You can safely achieve the optimum 20 – 30% run off, without any issues.

The Tech


To make life easy, you get a fold flat FlexiTank.

It’s durable, and is supplied fully assembled.

Simply fill your tank with nutrient solution to drip feed your plants.

All tanks are fold flat - a real space saver when they’re not in use.

• Stores up to 1000 Litres (depending on size)
Fully assembled – simple to set up
Fold flat design – easy storage and transportation

Depending on the size of your system, you’ll get one of 5 models:

• 100 Litres: 43cm x 75cm (Diameter x Height)
• 225 Litres: 63.5cm x 81cm (Diameter x Height)
• 400 Litres: 68cm x 111cm (Diameter x Height)
• 750 Litres: 90cm x 117cm (Diameter x Height)
• 1000 Litres: 120cm x 90cm (Diameter x Height)



For uniform growth, each dripper releases the same volume of feed, so each plant gets the same nutrients.

One of these will also enhance nutrient uptake - nutrients are distributed evenly over the top of your growing media.

It’s easy to clean and service your drippers – instructions for this are supplied with your kit.

Enhances nutrient uptake - even distribution across media
Uniform growth - all drippers releases the same volume
Efficient – drippers release between 21 – 24L per hour
Easy to clean and service
• 1 per pot for Standard RhizoSystem, 2 per pot for XL RhizoSystem



For even better drainage and natural root pruning, you get a bestselling RhizoPot.

You’ll get superior drainage and aeration – the pot is fabric and ‘breathable’.

One of these will boost root mass and eliminate root circling.

You’ll have healthier, faster growing plants.

Simply, they’re the best, and you can reuse pots 4 – 5 times.

Air prunes roots - pot fabric is ‘breathable’
Better drainage & aeration
Healthier root network - stimulates secondary root growth
• Eliminates root circling
Enhances nutrient & water uptake
Faster growing times
Reuse pots up to 5 times
• 1 Litre – 78 Litre capacity
• Fold flat (easy to store!)
Biodegradable & made from recycled materials
• Suitable for all growing media
• 1 per RhizoStand included



Place your RhizoPot on a RhizoStand to automatically remove all run off.

They’re sloped, to immediately draw run off away.

Each RhizoStand supports RhizoPots of up to 39L (XL) or 16L (Standard).

It’s easy to connect your stands to your system – all fixings are supplied.

• XL for RhizoPots - up to 39L (52 x 52 x 12cm)
• Standard for RhizoPots - up to 16L (37.5 x 37.5 x 11cm)
Sloped design for speedy removal
• Reach an optimum 20 – 30% run off


Iceline Piping

Keep your nutrient temperatures under control with Iceline Piping.

It’s used to draw run off away from your RhizoStands.

Heat is reflected by the white outer layer.

You also get UV protection, thanks to the black inner layer.

Excess water is quickly drawn out of your RhizoStand via Iceline Piping.

It’s flexible but durable irrigation piping with a protective double layer.

Double walled irrigation piping
Reflects heat (white outer layer)
UV protection (black inner layer)
Fast removal
Flexible – position and space out stands to suit your room

RhizoSystem Brain Controller

All run off collects in your RhizoSystem Brain Controller.

When the controller fills, it automatically pumps waste to your chosen location (such as a Drain or Bucket).

Connect up to 48 stands in up to 6 lines.

Automatically empties (triggered by magnetic float switch)
• Remove up to of 1000L per hour (thanks to Maxi-Jet 1000 pump)
• In-built time delay
Connect up to 6 lines of stands (6 inlet pipes)
Connect up to 48 stands in total
• No leaks - blanking caps for each inlet pipe included

Kit Contains


You get a complete drip irrigation system:

Your kit features:

• RhizoSystem Brain
• RhizoStands
• FlexiTank
• RhizoSystem Tank Assembly
• DigitalTimer
• Aquaking pump
• 13mm Iceline Pipe & 25mm Iceline Pipe
• 4mm delivery tube
• 8L PCB Drippers  (1 per pot for Standard, 2 per pot for XL)
• 16L RhizoPots (standard) or 30L RhizoPots (XL)
• 8 outlet manifold/s (1 per 4 pots)
• PTFE Tape
• Rhizo Pipe Cutters
• Worm Clip 25-35mm
• Euro Travel Adapter

A range of other components, connections and fixings are all included.

How to Use

1. Before buying, make sure you have enough space in your grow room. You’ll need:

Standard RhizoSystems

• 4 Pot: 120cm x 120cm
• 8 Pot: 120cm x 240cm
• 16 Pot: 240cm x 240cm
• 24 Pot: 360cm x 240cm
• 36 Pot: 360cm x 360cm
• 48 Pot: 480cm x 360cm

XL RhizoSystems

• 4 Pot: 120cm x 240cm
• 8 Pot: 240cm x 240cm
• 12 Pot: 360cm x 240cm
• 16 Pot: 480cm x 240cm
• 24 Pot: 480cm x 360cm
• 36 Pot: 720cm x 360cm

2. Setting up your system

Your kit comes with a set of instructions, complete with diagrams and suggested layouts.


1. For better drainage
• Keep drainage lines pulled tight for efficient drainage

2. If your room is on a slope
• Position your RhizoSystem Brain Controller at the lowest point
• We recommend raising some of the stands so that all are level

3. Your RhizoSystem Brain
• Make sure it is plugged into your mains power supply at all times
• Keep unused inlet pipes covered with blanking caps to stop leaks


Q & A

Questions and Answers (3)

Whats the maximum number of standard size Rhizopots you can fit in a 1.2 x 1.2 space with this system? It says 4 on the guide but surely it's possible to fit 9 at a squeeze?
You might just get 6 in there at a squeeze - the standard stands are 37.5 x 37.5cm, but you also need to leave room for the pipework coming off them. We would advise sticking with 4 in a 1.2 x 1.2 tent, as the plants will be less crowded & have more room to fill out.

Written by BeeDee | 23 May 2016

Can I get the 8XL and start off setting up as only 4 and expand later? If it is set up for 8 can I then only run 7 without having to re-wire or disconnect?
It is possible to expand the Rhizosystem Drip & Drain, you can run up to 48 pots from a single reservoir. It is possible to run an 8 pot system with 7 pots, you would just need to remove one drip line from the drip system.

Written by M | 2 May 2016

Does it work with SUMO FEEDS? (8 x XL)
The Rhizosystem Drip & Drain will work really well with either the Shogun Samurai Terra or Coco nutrients, you would use the Terra range for soil, & the Coco nutrient for Coco media.

Written by M | 2 May 2016