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Potato Bags

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Grow Potatoes Like a Pro, with Potato Grow Bags

Check & harvest potatoes without disturbing your plant or media - grab a potato grow bag.

These grow bags have a handy hole at the bottom, so you can check on & harvest potatoes easily, throughout your plant’s life. There are two strong handles on the side of your bag, making it simpler to lift and maneuver.

To increase rooting, the potato bag is made from high-quality breathable fabric. Air can enter and prune roots, leading to enhanced root branching, which gives you more secondary and tertiary roots. With more root tips, you also ramp up nutrient uptake and growth, giving you a bigger and better harvest, with more potatoes!

Potato growing bags are super eco-friendly, made from recycled plastic bottles. You can reuse pots four to five times. Once done, they’re biodegradable and environmentally friendly. It’s simple, easy & mess-free. They’re ideal in gardens, patios and balconies.

  • High-quality bags for growing potatoes
  • No disturbing the plant as you harvest potatoes
  • Visualisation window - check on growth
  • The only way to start your seed potatoes!
  • Harvest your own potatoes continuously throughout the life of the potato plant
  • Two strong handles on the sides with a 30 litre capacity
  • Fabric, breathable grow bags deliver stronger root networks
  • An eco-friendly way to grow potatoes, made from recycled plastic bottles
  • Reusable for at least 4 - 5 crops
  • Biodegradable - 100% over 10 years
  • The Potato Bag is the best grow bag on the market - it delivers a bountiful harvest!
  • Folds flat when not in use
  • Allows you to grow potatoes anywhere - on a patio or balcony
  • Makes growing potatoes easy

These potato growing bags are ideal for growing potatoes and carrots. When your potatoes are ready, you can just remove them using the velcro-sealed side hole.

You can grow anything in them, but for other plants we’d recommend Rhizopots, which are made from the same fabric. A Rhizo is like a potato bag without the side hole.

The Fabric - Bigger Roots, Bigger Harvest

In most pots, roots grow in one direction, towards the edge of the pot, then circle round and round. The following problems are pretty common:

  • Wasted central media where roots don’t grow

  • Fewer secondary and tertiary roots form

  • There are fewer root tips

  • Water and nutrient uptake is slower

Potato bags are different - the fabric is breathable.

When roots reach the edge of pots, they hit air. At this point, the root tip dries and forward growth stops. Instead, roots branch out evenly into your media. They start sprouting secondary and tertiary root hairs.

  • More root tips

  • No wasted central space

  • Water & nutrient uptake speeds up

  • Bigger root network to support growth & yield

  • Potatoes grown in Potato Bags are less prone to rot

You get a much larger harvest than you would in a plastic, terracotta or raised bed, thanks to even, consistent rooting.

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Questions & Answers

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  • What litre are these please


    Each potato bag has a 30 litre capacity

    Hope this helps


  • What are the dimensions of the potato bags please? Also, are the Rhizo pots suitable for all stages of growing? I want to use them to grow tomato plants. Thanks.


    The dimensions for the Potato Bags are 29.5cm Wide x 34cm Height. And yes, the Rhizo pots are suitable for all stages of growth.

    Hope this helps